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    Joe Bryan

    He would be a fantastic signing for us, and I hope people who say hes "good competition for Taylor" or a "good backup for Hutton" are joking, because Joe was one of the two best LBs in the league last year with Barry Douglas, Taylor was nowhere near his level. Defensively Hutton isnt worse than Bryan, but he isnt nearly the player Bryan is going forward. He would be a fantastic Left Wing Back but even if we play him as a left back in a 4-man defense, hed still be good as he played in a 4-4-2 system at Bristol most of the time, so he is used to it. The only thing that could be bad for him is if Bruce doesnt allow him to flourish going forward like Lee Johnsons did, cause Lee Johnson is clearly a more attacking minded coach than Bruce is. But I still think this would be a great bargain signing for us for only 5 million pounds. I really hope he chooses us, but Middlesbrough isnt in a worse position than us going into the season, but we are the bigger club of course.
  2. You really think so? I mean Stoke and West Brom will spend big and keep some of their first team players. Swansea isnt worse than Cardiff either, ok there is no team like Wolves, but even the promoted teams from League One arent worse than the relegated clubs. I dont think the difference is big, but if you talk about how good and watchable the football in the league is I might agree. Fulham and Wolves were good ball playing teams, and from the relegated clubs only Swansea might play attractive football. (With Potter I guess so) I dont think it would be easier to get promoted next season, even with our current team, but I wouldnt expect us to aim for automatic promotion.
  3. Stoke's problem is that they have never had a reliable goal scorer in the years gone by. Isnt Jonathan Walters their all time leading PL scorer? Sums it up really. Players like Arni and Shaqiri and before that their defensive stability have kept them over the line, most of these years they have overachieved for me. I think they could beat Palace, because when they play as good defensively vs an inform Palace offense (inform bc of the 5-0 win today), Palace might struggle to break them down and they'll get 2 or 3 chances more then today bc Palace arent as good defensively normally. But they have to put them away. Diouf and Crouch arent the most clinical strikers thats the problem. If they stay up fair play do Lambert.
  4. Mame Diouf. He us so bad in front of goal its criminal. They should've sticked with him at the Right Back position. A team that playes with Diouf and Crouch up front in 2018 should get relegated really.
  5. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/football/2018/02/13/ryan-mason-retires-football-medical-advice-13-months-serious/ Very sad news! I already forgot about his horrific head injury, so when we played Hull, I didnt even knew he was there anymore. I hope he can live a happy live, I always thought he was an underrated player, so I didnt understand why he has gone to Hull in the first place. He could have easily slotted into the Everton team or so. in the end this transfer is very tragic for both team and player. But the most important thing is, that he is fine.
  6. Welbeck is a little bit unlucky too with his injuries. But yes normally he isnt good enough for a top 6 team. Thats why hes only a sub most of the times. And Im still not sure about Iwobi. I would also say he isnt good enough yet to play a big role in a top team, but he has the talent to maybe develop into a big player for Arsenal. His decision making is still too inconsistent, but as you can see with his assist this game vs Bournemouth he has flashes of brilliance.
  7. Mustafi. His passing is atrocious most of the time. Dont know why he's in the german squad. Isnt a bad defender tho.
  8. He has the time of his live right now at Celtic. Scoring a hattrick again. People are always slamming the Scottish Premiership. It is bad. But it also shows that Sinclair is a talented player, that was a bit wasted at Villa imo. I am not saying that he would have been something special elsewhere in the PL. But he isn't a bad player.
  9. La Liga is overrated mate. They always say they have the best technical ability down there, but espacially the bottom half La Liga teams are never ever better than the bottom half PL teams. Just my opinion.
  10. But they signed Jermaine Defoe, which was brilliant. But that also fits to our signing of Benteke back then. So yeah you're right.
  11. Exactly right. 19 years https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Oldham_Athletic_A.F.C._seasons
  12. U think Gardner and Frei aren't good signings for them? We talk about a mid-table championship team.
  13. Ben Watson from Watford maybe? He doesn't get much playing time this season, (injuries?). But now they signed Cleverley on loan, so maybe he is available.
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