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  1. Can one of our older VT’ers remind me about when we beat Pool by 5 in 1977 (I think) - they we’re European champions and Ron Saunders has just got us up. This feels like a similar moment.
  2. I suppose I’m happy with 7, but quite disappointed with conceding 2. In all honesty we should have had 10 or 11.
  3. 15th in the championship to 2nd in the PL. That’ll do for now Mr. Smith.
  4. Perfect Hat-trick right? Left foot, right foot & a header?
  5. Ha! I was MiamiVillan back then.
  6. Pogba just stopped running when he saw Aurier was in on goal. I’m absolutely convinced he could have blocked the shot.
  7. I was on VBB for a hot second! Congrats Omar - going to check some of the podcasts today
  8. True, but today is still a good chance to increase our goal difference so we should still aim to score 4 or 5
  9. If the disease that the WH has ignored, dismissed and ridiculed took out a large percentage of its occupants and sycophants, well, who said the Americans don't do irony?
  10. Whipped cream? On a scone? What kind of heathen are you?
  11. Other folks who were on the same flight are demanding he lets them know if he's positive. (In the twatter thread.)
  12. Where did you hear/see that?
  13. WTF? Who would hurt Rick Moranis?!? https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-54396065
  14. So no "chopper talk" today then? You know, where he stands near an idling chopper for 10 minutes and shouts nonsense at the media.
  15. Well, if she infects every one else on the court then there could be 9 justices for Biden to pick!
  16. I thought Jed Steer once again proved he is more than competent as a back up keeper. I did fall asleep for 20 mins in the middle though which is unheard of for me watching Villa.
  17. Stoke are very well drilled - organized defensively.
  18. Just saw the team - Where is Barkley FFS?
  19. I think you just want to be angry about something. Based on?
  20. https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-lincolnshire-54340425
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