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  1. I thought Jed Steer once again proved he is more than competent as a back up keeper. I did fall asleep for 20 mins in the middle though which is unheard of for me watching Villa.
  2. Stoke are very well drilled - organized defensively.
  3. Just saw the team - Where is Barkley FFS?
  4. I think you just want to be angry about something. Based on?
  5. https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-lincolnshire-54340425
  6. I guess you are leveling the last bit of your post at @Davkaus and not Biden - cause I don't remember Biden saying anything like that As for the rest of your post, in some ways I think you have fallen afoul of your own criticism. You are suggesting that Biden is associated with green new deals and banning cows in the minds of voters. Only people who are politically engaged, followed the primaries and read twitter would know that he has said some things to appease the more diverse populations more to the left in his party. The average person won't associate him with those things and he's s
  7. One of the main reasons the DNC rallied around Biden is because that blue collar worker is exactly the kind of voter he connects with. The miners from his home town of Scranton Pennsylvania for example.
  8. There aren't enough likes for that @Davkaus
  9. Season 2 Oct 30th Gammorean Guards fighting in a ring, X-wings, stormtroopers, tie fighters.
  10. The videos you've posted show an older man trying to actually have a conversation with people who are obviously emotional (perhaps with good reason) but who are also angry, aggressive, defiant and unwilling to be be civil. I mean the 2nd video finishes with Biden offering to talk to the guy backstage without all of the attention of a campaign rally FFS. You seem to think you are watching some other kind of video - but everything you've posted tonight shows a far more reasonable human being than the narcissistic pig that currently is called President.
  11. Wow - that's what you pull out that interaction? Your words "his dead son go to defence." Er no. He doesn't then bring up Beau Biden as you state. At least 2 minutes passes before he talks about Beau. In no way did he try to equate that he died with a brain tumor whilst in the military. You've just imagined that for your post. Also "to score a cheap point"? Huh?
  12. Can you clarify? 1. the context 2. what he said? Do you have a video clip so we can come to our own conclusions?
  13. I didn't see that part (I fortunately had to work tonight) but fair play to you for seeing it that way. As for how it's 'spinned' in the media, well...... It was a total circus tonight and plays into the orange tits hands. He needs to be silenced, at least for two minutes so that Biden can articulate the facts of his failed administration.
  14. The Dems need an all out campaign to demand that the mics are cut for 2 mins when each candidate speaks. It was obviously a ploy. Just keeping shouting, distracting and drown out the truth.
  15. If I want my British TV to explode then that's my right as an Englander. #Brexit
  16. 13 followers. Must be completely legit.
  17. We only have to beat Liverpool by 4 goals on Sunday to go top. I expect that to happen especially as Ollie is due a couple.
  18. How they haven't has at least one red is beyond me
  19. You know what Tom Cairney? I think football is going to win tonight. You absolute tosspot.
  20. So therefore they have to believe that the US paper of record just "makes up stuff" to make Trump look bad? Anything (even if it is 169 years old) that contradicts our "dear leader" is fake news? Where are we? Who are we? His supporters are cultist morons.
  21. Yep - No empathy from me. His enablers are bad enough but the leading cult followers can all drown in a pit of shit as far as I'm concerned. Following Trump should mean immediate sectioning.
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