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  1. But he does come with a great song. Which is? He's Scotty Sinclair He's Scotty Sincair He shags Rosie Webster And Sally don't care.
  2. I quite like what Lambert is doing. He clearly has an eye for a player. We've always talked about buying players from the lower leagues. Better than spunking £4.5m on the likes of Zat Knight, £5m on Steve Sidwell and £4.5m on Marlon Harewood etc. Ipswich fans seem pretty gutted to be potentially losing him, so that's good enough for me. £3.5m is a no brainer.
  3. I personally think PL has used Carroll's name to distract from his real target. I don't know who that is and if we're close to getting him, but I get that feeling. Let the media think we're in for Carroll and quietly chase our real target. Perhaps that striker from the Dutch league? However, if he is in for Andy Carroll - I think it would be a cash-price deal, I can't see a loan deal materialising. It's not in the interests of either club to do that.
  4. Exactly how I saw it. Close, but I think the shoulders are still claret with a blue macron man logo on it, not the other way around like in your mock-up. Also I think there's less stripes on the collar but hell, it's a better effort than I could ever do. Here's the screenshot of what we assume is the final design of the homeshirt again in case anyone missed it. This looks promising!
  5. He's a manic depressive when it comes to Villa to the point of annoying. For him to be optimistic, there must be some seriously good news. and as he is pretty cynical, he must be 100% confident of what he knows/has been told. Finally, in the years on VT i've never known him to pretend to be ITK. Time will tell, hey.
  6. Firstly, welcome Paul Lambert to Aston Villa. I'm sure you'll do well. A few questions, though; Who is Richard and what has he said? Why is Richard's opinion valued so much. Is he a genuine ITK or someone who simply has thousands of posts? Cheers.
  7. Says a Blues fan about the manager who got them relegated. If we had won another 10-15 games this season we would probably be challenging for Europe and the appointment of Mcleish would have been proved to be inspired and we would have been 100% behind him. A hero in fact for relegating Blues and taking us into Europe. Meanwhile back in the real world all that has happened is he has proved to be as crap as we all knew he would be. 15 more wins? We'd be on the verge of winning the league. I don't think anyone would be against him!
  8. All is forgiven Doug! We are going down my fellow supporters. Realise it now, and it won't come as such a shock on May 13th. I can't see us getting 1 more point this season. WBA will beat us for sure, as will Spurs. Norwich will have a good time in the sun, no pressure, and put a performance on for their fans. We've utterly lost the plot. Randy Lerner - do the honourable thing and sell the Football Club. You are absolutely useless and have shown your true colours over the past couple of seasons. You're not a fan of Aston Villa, you're merely the owner. You kicked us all in the teeth b
  9. Sad news about Piermario Morosini who died in a Serie B game earlier today, due to a suspected heart attack. Thoughts go out to his family. RIP.
  10. We're the famous Aston Villa and were probably going down, going down, going down... Might see us win a few games in the Championship.
  11. Jas

    Stephen Ireland

    Care to reason why? Particularly with regards to Dunne. Stephen Ireland's comments regarding Birmingham and Aston Villa showed his commitment to AVFC. He didn't want to join us in the first place, has been given a number of chances in which he has failed to take any of them and still complains. It seems that it's everyone elses fault apart from Stephen Ireland's fault in his screwed up head. Richard Dunne's behaviour on the team bonding weekend, abusing the inexperienced team members and a club legend, taking advantage of the 'treat' that they had been given to get pissed showed his atti
  12. Won £900 on an accumulator a few weeks ago, with a £10 bet. It was fantastic and yes, I'm showing off!
  13. Jas

    Alan Hutton

    Reports now coming out Hutton has chosen Fulham and Villa have subsequently switched attention to Danny Simpson of NUFC. Gutted.
  14. Jas

    Stephen Ireland

    But surely that fitness only comes playing games? He hasn't been sitting on his arse the last two years. I'm sure he's still been training etc. I've not overly criticised him but now I'm not too sure.
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