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  1. i am still here i just don't post comments that often.
  2. I think it is for the best that he got his transfer. It wasn't healty anymore the way we depended on 1-2 ppl. he got his move we got the money to invest and make the squad more strong. i agree that he could do better then liverpool but if they wer the only one who wanted to pay the money villa wanted i understand his decision. Its not that he leaves us emptyhanded.
  3. they wer the only one who activated the clause :S And liverpool is still a big name in Belgium. You can't blame him tbh.
  4. man it hurts to see him in that shirt...
  5. i am getting really upset about all those fecking liverpool idiots who act like CB is not good enough for them...
  6. As matter of fact there is no such thing as "french fries". Fries wer invented in Belgium they call it french fries because they tought that the french speaking belgians were french ppl.
  7. Meh... he could do much better then liverpool... I am sad he left Villa but i am happy as well for him. Lets hope that Villa spends the money wisely. I will remain on this forum. I don't like the liverpool supporters. I don't like their misplaced arrogance.
  8. Benteke holds the key for survival or regelation. Lets hope he can keep this form for the following games.
  9. His progress under tim is impressive and he still isnt 100% fit. It wouldn't be fair towards villa if he left after this season. in his last interview he made verry clear that the transferrequest was a big mistake.
  10. But besides his duels i must admit he was poor in the 2nd half. hope this goal gives him his confidence back. I almost crapped my pants tbh it would be typical if he had missed it.
  11. 8 arial duels and also an assist and a goal.
  12. Should have been sacked way earlier. good decision i hope we will get a better coach!
  13. Why are you getting so worked up over different opinions? We're Villa fans, not just fans of Benteke like yourself. He's not untouchable. because i'm getting tired of reading that he is lazy. just bench him or get a coach who actually knows something about tactics and doesn't just depends on 1 player.
  14. Just put Kozak in the field and send benteke to the B-squad. seriously getting pissed off about al this crap. edit: better idea: just break his contract is he if so **** i don't see the point of keeping him here. if i see arguments as lazy.. some of you have clearly no idea of how hard he has worked to be back on the pitch he is way earlier on the pitch because he has worked 24/7 with lieven maesschalck. and trust me i would be more frustrated if i was him if you see what squad is behind him.. and while im honest yes he is wasting his time here.
  15. I have told before i started to follow aston villa since august 2012.
  16. If he is so bad just sell him and see how it goed without him. its a shame it has to be like this.
  17. The issue is in the present, not the past. I'd assume Bacuna was smiling because he knew he'd made the right decision - irrespective of Benteke being a bellend. He displayed similar petulance when Grealish failed to find him against Swansea by the way. It's an issue because it's current - not in the past. It looks like he's starting to think he's too good for the club... To be fair, he is too good for the club.. Benteke will move on shortly as he has always said he will, and you will move on with him. Out of order to make that comment. If you want me gone then i will do so.
  18. no apologies needed. I understand the point you guys are making. the only thing i didn't agree was the thing about him not giving his full 100% i do understand that he sometimes unrightly is mad on his mates but i'm sure that wen they are in the dressing room ther just laughing about it and do not have a problem.

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