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  1. Belgian guy

    Fabian Delph

  2. Belgian guy

    Christian Benteke

    i am still here i just don't post comments that often.
  3. Belgian guy

    Christian Benteke

    I think it is for the best that he got his transfer. It wasn't healty anymore the way we depended on 1-2 ppl. he got his move we got the money to invest and make the squad more strong. i agree that he could do better then liverpool but if they wer the only one who wanted to pay the money villa wanted i understand his decision. Its not that he leaves us emptyhanded.
  4. Belgian guy

    Christian Benteke

    they wer the only one who activated the clause :S And liverpool is still a big name in Belgium. You can't blame him tbh.
  5. Belgian guy

    Christian Benteke

    man it hurts to see him in that shirt...
  6. Belgian guy

    Christian Benteke

    i am getting really upset about all those fecking liverpool idiots who act like CB is not good enough for them...
  7. Belgian guy

    Summer Speculation 2015

    Dennis Praet is overrated.
  8. Belgian guy

    Summer Speculation 2015

    As matter of fact there is no such thing as "french fries". Fries wer invented in Belgium they call it french fries because they tought that the french speaking belgians were french ppl.
  9. Belgian guy

    Christian Benteke

    Meh... he could do much better then liverpool... I am sad he left Villa but i am happy as well for him. Lets hope that Villa spends the money wisely. I will remain on this forum. I don't like the liverpool supporters. I don't like their misplaced arrogance.
  10. Belgian guy

    Ron Vlaar

    go away. just leave
  11. Belgian guy

    Christian Benteke

    Benteke holds the key for survival or regelation. Lets hope he can keep this form for the following games.
  12. Belgian guy

    Christian Benteke

    His progress under tim is impressive and he still isnt 100% fit. It wouldn't be fair towards villa if he left after this season. in his last interview he made verry clear that the transferrequest was a big mistake.
  13. Belgian guy

    Christian Benteke

    But besides his duels i must admit he was poor in the 2nd half. hope this goal gives him his confidence back. I almost crapped my pants tbh it would be typical if he had missed it.
  14. Belgian guy

    Christian Benteke

    8 arial duels and also an assist and a goal.