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  1. Does anyone really care what his personality with the media is like? As long as he gets results I couldn't care if he was Mary Poppins. Face facts, nice guys very rarely make it in management. You need to have that bitter, ruthless streak inside. I'd much rather have a miserable sod as a manager than some clearing in the woods constantly smiling and praising crap.
  2. No you didn't. You said don't expect much. Another bullshit from you.
  3. Did Tiote have experience? Did Cabaye have experience? Did Joe Hart have experience? Did Cisse have experience? Have they made a massive difference? You know absolutely nothing and constantly post nonsense. Is there an ignore feature on this forum?
  4. You have no idea about them, but don't expect much? Yeah, that really makes sense Einstein.
  5. Oh shut up. So we should have just walked off? At least he tried to do something.
  6. Oh FFS, really? Have we not signed anybody yet? Not one player?
  7. 85 complete passes out of 94 attempted. A 90% completion rate. Twice as many passes as Petrov who was in midfield beside him. Nothing much really. Nothing whatsoever.
  8. No we will not sign anyone, even though the boss said we would
  9. What players are worth their price in the UK these days?
  10. He was an expensive young prospect who probably won't fulfil half the potential he had.
  11. He did tell Pav's agent to "Tell him just to run about a bit"
  12. Can you imagine the language barrier? Ahaha.
  13. He started like 26 games in the PL for them last year?
  14. Give it to Ireland. Ireland loves feeling important, nurtured, loved it makes him play his best.
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