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  1. Please don't circulate this. I am not ITK nor have I ever claimed to be but I do know this is 100% fictional!
  2. West Ham fans on their forums aren't sure who it is, think it could be somebody called Mangane.. it's possible it could be Clyne? Apparently it WASN'T Clyne!... Robert sullivan ‏@robwale76 @jsullivanwhu please please please say it wasn't clone that failed the medical! Robert sullivan ‏@robwale76 @robwale76 @jsullivanwhu clyne not clone Jack Sullivan ‏@jsullivanwhu @robwale76 no
  3. Matt Kendricks just tweeted. Looks like we are resigning Brad
  4. That mini_beest just craves the attention and acts 'ITK' but honestly hasn't a clue!
  5. Cheers for keeping us informed anyway. what do you make of Hughton? Good shout imo!
  6. Cullys contract ends the end of this month doesn't it... even the fans on that forum are saying it's a tactic to get comp off Villa.
  7. about 22000 and as it stands, we're on course to sell 21,000. Hopefully that boosts a lot more towards the start of the season!
  8. How many season tickets were sold last year?
  9. Or you could have just streamed it online like me..
  10. Forgive me as I do no know much about Norwich (other than Lambert). So I take it Culverhouse is #2 and Karsa...?
  11. Can anyone advise what I've missed from Friday. * Any news on staff coming with him? * Has compo now been sorted? * Anything else? Thanks
  12. No wonder people see us as being the biggest whingers/most bitter fans in the league. Just unite, stop bitching, get behind the team and **** win things! If it wasn't for twitter the majority of us would still be sat here wondering WTF was going on. People (I included) share bits of info from twitter that may be useful to keep those in the loop who may not have the time to search for the info or more importantly, not be aware of said people. I know full well that Julie has helped me follow Incognito AVFC who I find to be very useful and I'm grateful of Julie for that.
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