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  1. Not for Aston Villa, though Ugo's was poor. Looking beyond Villa, Ali Dia for Southampton was probably as bad.
  2. Today was a good test of our resilience. In the event that we are relegated then this will bear a close resemblance to the kind of side we will be putting out in The Championship.
  3. On the subject of the degeneration of shirts like these may I make a suggestion based on a few years of fabric and detergent development. Shirts with this type of transfer should be washed inside out to stop rubbing wear. Even better if you can place it in a zip up washing bag. Low temperatures should be used with plenty of detergent and if BO is an issue use a conditioner. Try not to put in a fast spin, rather put on a hanger to dry. An obvious one is NEVER IRON. "Hi tec" sports shirts generally have high fabric development costs but cheap manufacturing processes. I promise to get out more.
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