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Player Match Ratings: Our season ends in February!




Two defeats within a week have consigned us to a fourth season outside of the top flight. Fans bought half season tickets a couple of months ago in the hope of witnessing a strong second half of the season. They will now be resigning themselves to the fact that half of the games that they paid for have now become meaningless end of season fixtures for our football club.    

We started well but we just don’t make good starts into goals and half time leads, do we? Instead we concede goals freely and find ourselves too often having to try to pull home games out of the fire in the second half. There was to be no stirring late comeback this time.    

We had 63% of the possession, 11 shots to their 10, 9 corners to their 2 but they had the two goals and ran out comfortable winners. We probably shaded it before they scored, but the first goal was always going to be crucial in this game. When it came and was followed by another 4 minutes later, that effectively ended the game as a contest. Albion were content to hold onto what they had, and we were too easily beaten. Our primary second half ambition seemed to focus on damage limitation rather than on a concerted attempt to try and throttle those annoying Throstles. Even so, had we managed to put away one or two of the chances we made, we might have witnessed an unlikely comeback again.       

We are 7 points behind Boro and Derby who are sixth and seventh. We play both of these sides at home in what is left of this season. On paper we could therefore draw within 4 points of each by winning those two home games but let’s face it we cannot buy a win. We have only won 6 of our 17 home league games to date and have one win from our last nine games.  

Rodriguez’s hand stole 2 points from us in December and it was in that game that we had last looked like serious promotion contenders. This time it was his foot and a second goal just before half time that was deflected past Kalinic that prematurely ended our season. On both occasions the referees acted as Albion’s twelfth man.  

My player ratings from a game before which we paid tribute to Gordon Banks, who was England’s best goalkeeper and to Ian Ross who was a rock-solid Villa defender and the captain of our 1975 League Cup winning team are:

Lovre Kalinic – 5 – Saved low to his left from Murphy on 23 minutes having earlier dropped and then gathered a routine 20th minute ball into the box at the second attempt. Stood no real chance with Robson-Kanu’s 41st minute header which looped over him from a Holgate cross after Green had allowed him too much space wide on the right. Beaten again 4 minutes later from the edge of the box by a Rodriguez shot that took a deflection off Elphick and went in off his left-hand post. He had been dazed by a 21st minute collision with Livermore that resulted in his substitution at half time.   

Alan Hutton – 4 – What he provides going forward was not compensated by his defensive lapses yesterday. Murphy left him in his wake too often and too easily.          

Tommy Elphick - 6 – Made an important 4th minute challenge on Holgate. Hourihane’s 48th minute corner found him at the far post and his header was deflected onto the top of the crossbar off Dawson.    

Tyrone Mings – 7 – MOTM – Booked for strongly yet correctly pointing out to the referee that he had played the ball out of play, off Rodriguez so it should have been a goal kick rather than a corner after Hutton had allowed the forward to run clear of him. Solid and composed in the centre of our defence again. Might need some persuading to make his loan deal permanent in the summer but we should make that a priority.            

Kortney Hause – 6 – Looked decent yesterday and will get better with the increased match fitness that more first team games will result in. Headed a 30th minute Hourihane free kick well over the crossbar.              

Glenn Whelan – 5 – Glenn wasn’t our least effective midfield performer yesterday.                

John McGinn – 6 – Picked up the booking that has always appeared inevitable that will result in a 2-game suspension for our most effective and consistent midfielder. Hit a 30 yard shot that Johnstone dived to his left to push away for a corner.

Conor Hourihane – 4 – Doesn’t contribute much other than his ability to hit a corner and a free-kick well. Stretched to reach the ball in the build up to their second but Rodriguez came away with it and then moved to Hutton’s left without the defender attempting to put in a challenge before hitting the ball past Kalinic.      

Andre Green – 5 – Hit a 2nd minute shot wide of the post from the edge of the box but didn’t make much of an impact upon this game.       

Ahmed Elmohamady – 6 – Did well, particularly in the first half. Glanced a near post header from an 81st minute McGinn corner just wide of the far post.            

Tammy Abraham – 6 – He was in the right place at the right time twice but this time he was unable to put his chances away. Even Tammy showed he can’t do it every time yesterday. Hause got a firm header on a Johnstone kick that Elmo controlled near the left-hand edge of the box before finding Tammy unmarked near the penalty spot. His touch was poor, and Johnstone smothered his side footed attempt on goal. Climbed well between 2 defenders to head an 84th minute Hause cross just wide of the far post    


Jed Steer – 6 – Came on for the injured Kalanic at the beginning of the second half.

Jacob Ramsey - 5 – Replaced Hourihane on 61 minutes. It was asking a lot of this youngster to expect him to come on and make an impression in this game with the die already cast. Understandably took some time to settle into the game. McGinn played a nice ball that found him within the box on 94 minutes, but he attempted a cross which was blocked when he might have been better having a pot himself. Hit a shot wide of the post from the resulting McGinn corner.       

Jonathan Kodjia - 4 - Came on for Green on 71 minutes and has looked keener to try to make an impact on games in the past when coming off the bench.

Up the Villa!

John Lewis



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    • I was about to reply to that post saying the same thing before I read this. Requiring us to fund our own transfers purely through player sales while signing 29+ year olds with zero resale value and high wages is up there with some of the dumbest decisions I've heard. I've not a clue what the club are doing at the moment, it feels like its quickly becoming a mess from top to bottom. From this change in strategy and transfer policy to the manager snapping at the media and stripping our only proper leader of the captaincy and then this week cancelling stadium tours last minute so a bunch of MPs can have a kick about on the pitch. I have a feeling these owners are pretty far away from the decision making process these days and Purslow is doing what he wants. Gerrard is clearly his man and he will back him until the very end, we may need the owners to pull the trigger on both of them.  
    • Ok fair enough but.. he isn't the next best thing so sack him and get someone better
    • Will be a half chance or a scrum in the box that wins this game. Forest have played both the 352 and the 4231 but more the 352 this season. I expect Cooper to read the scouting report on Villa and go back to the 352. Villa are not a team capable of breaking down the low block so they will clog the middle and we will hit hopeless crosses. But maybe MacPhee can conjure up another set piece routine that will result in a goal. That's the only way I see this scoring. I don't rate any of our options lining up against them. Bailey (if available) will have a tough time finding any space if Forest sit back. Watkins will be running into brick walls. This is a game crying out for Ings and Buendia but will Gerrard have enough sense to see that? I doubt it, but surely he knows that's the right thing to do in the back of his mind. I would not be surprised to see his away lineup that we've seen twice this year. Cash-Konsa-Mings-Young JJ-Luiz-McGinn Buendia-Watkins-Coutinho In Gerrard's mind, this midfield can "control" the game (laughable) and he's going to try and conjure up some magic out of the front three. The problem is - as gifted as Buendia and Coutinho are - you can't just thread the needle with two small players and an inefficient finisher. I would prefer to line up. Cash-Konsa-Mings-Young Buendia-Luiz-Dendocker-Coutinho Archer-Ings You are giving up a lot of defensive solidity with this lineup - but Forest can be got at if you have numbers in their final third. Sadly, I don't think we will ever see this lineup
    • If we’re counting any profit, then I guess Westwood? Bought for around £2m, sold for nearer £5m.
    • One of my biggest concerns about Gerrard is how wasted our youth prospects are going to be unless they get game time by leaving on loan. I'm gutted for Archer that he wasn't loaned out because if he isn't going to get minutes against 10 men when we need a goal, then when is he going to? If you want a sell to buy plan for the club, which I think is a good thing if done correctly, then you need a manager that develops players that can actually be sold for decent money. You also need a scouting system that can find the hidden gems that the likes of Brighton can find that can make a strong impact, whether it's straight away of after one season. I honestly don't think we have either.
    • I think the first minute goal at Wolves has lifted his confidence massively and to be fair he needed it badly because his performances this season have been mediocre at best. He was more like the Jack of old (Villa) against Man Utd and by all accounts had a very good game last night against Copenhagen (I didn't watch) where he got MOTM, so maybe he's finally turning a corner. One goal and zero assists in this Man City team though is terrible but I can look past that if he's playing to the levels he was with us, IE assisting the assist (so to speak), dribbling, taking players on, basically getting people off their seats.. He hasn't done that at City yet and although not really his fault - the £100M fee is laughable. Although no one is really laughing. We're much poorer without him and a lot of City fans will expect much, much more for a "£100 mil" player. Still hoping he fails miserably and can honestly say I wouldn't want him back. Ever. (Not that I can see that happening anyway). Call me bitter. But I hate the thought of City (& JG) lifting the Champions League. 🤮. I will "just about" support him when he wears white of England - but even that's a chore given we have the word removed Southgate in charge 🤬.    
    • I have this vision of Dylan doing an intimate gig, a little pub with a small group of dedicated fans. The gig is going well, but when he’s performing “The Times They Are A-Changin’”, he keeps being distracted by a lone voice coming from the audience that’s pointedly shouting “…G!!! …G!!!” at the end of every verse.
    • Just laughing at the first bit mate Don't care about the other bit

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