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Taking a closer look at the current Villa squad using opta stats.

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    • It's interesting that Ashley Young has said Luke Shaw needs to get his head down and work hard.  There's obviously some sort of training issue with the lad.
    • Out of interest r.e: fitness, I noticed during our game that Wolves were really intense and up for it for the first half, or possibly part of the second half too, but then faded quite a lot.  Is that how your games have been this season?  Blitzing teams in the first hour and then being able to relax more and retain possession?
    • He's also only just turned 22.   We live in a world whereby young players are written off so incredibly quickly.  I'm pretty sure people are saying Keinan Davis and Rushian Hepburn-Murphy don't look up to scratch.  20 and 19 respectively.  Sometimes, players need time to develop.  It's taken Traore a while at Middlesbrough, but he's starting to get there.
    • I don't particularly wonder where we'd be if we hadn't lost 3-2 to Leicester, but I remember Grealish and Gil both scoring lovely goals against them and thinking "yeah, OK, maybe we're not so shit after all!".  Implosion struck.  We all know what happened after. But, y'know, for 60 minutes I thought we had the makings of a decent side.
    • I think it was his debut where he came on as a sub against Liverpool and gave them a real run around, looked like a really good player. Sadly he very rarely demonstrated that level of performance after.
    • Exactly this.   Plus, it's nice to have bright sparks in season after season of utter turd.  CARLES GIL, whilst not being a brilliant player at all, managed to score some beauts.  I thank him for that.
    • It’s both. I’m pretty sure the injuries to Green, Grealish (both pretty young) and Terry (young at heart ) can be chalked up to bad luck. Ditto our new right back De Laet being injured for basically a year within a minute of buying him last season.  An example of our judgement being poor perhaps was rushing Kodija back, but then bad luck played it’s part in that too with him being on international duty and aggravating his injury.
    • But that's because teams like us are overspending whereas Man City aren't? Their turnover is something like £500m/season.  They can spend a lot - and they do.
    • Bruce has said non-internationals have had today, tomorrow and sunday off but have trained as normal all week however he appears as though he's been in dubai since the bolton game...special treatment?
    • I think he's a decent player and he has good technique but equally deficient in other key areas. When we signed him he was somewhat of a 'prospect', he was presumably receiving fairly low wages, signed for a small fee and well, it didn't work, was worth the punt at the time IMO. Not beyond the realms of possibility that he could be a good player in this league but he doesn't want to be here so there's no real debate to be had.