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Letters to the Mssrs Lerner, Faulkner


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I suspect that Villa execs are being bombarded with emails and letters so feel anything I send will get lost in "the pile" but for my own sanity i also feel I must write something.

As we know that these boards are monitored by the club I propose we post our letters on this thread and hope that something makes it's way back to the powers that be. Here is my poor attempt at expressing my feelings and despair:

Dear Mr.Lerner & Faulkner

If you hadn't fully appreciated how angry & disillusioned the fans are with Alex McLeish's Management, I am sure that Tuesday night brought it home very forcefully. The fact that we have had to suffer the worst home season in our clubs history is an unbearable humiliation. That the club could lose it's 100% presence in the Premier League is unthinkable.

You also undoubtedly feel the abuse he received was extreme and over the top, but likewise you must have long known and feared that the support would turn bad if results didn't improve & relegation loomed. Personally I am surprised that the fans have been so patient for so long.

I believe that you may feel that allowing Alex McLeish to continue is the "right thing" to do, but having supported the club for over 50 years, I must say that past experience shows that without exception when the fans relationship with the Manager reaches such an all time low there is never any way back.

Enough is enough, as the "Custodian" and Chief Executive of the club you are first and foremost responsible for the welfare of the club and it's devoted fans.

Do the right thing, let Alex McLeish go now!


Mike McKenna

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