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Thanks for the advice chaps. Turns out it no longer matters anyway.....

Maybe im too shallow, or I have standards, either way it's not gunna work out! haha.

Why not? ......And standards aren't a bad thing

Well, we were getting along great on the POF mail thing, but her pictures on there were about 2 years old....... so when I added her on Facebook I guess I saw the real her :lol: ... and well, it weren't what I expected it to be.

Pretty much I'm judging her on how she looks even though we got on well. But I'm an incredibly fussy bastard! (with no right to be cos I don't exactly look like Brad Pitt)... So I guess i'm just shallow too!

Yes very shallow, big mistake at times as sometimes you meet up and they look better and you get on a storm. The problem is also that you will be well pissed when it happens to you. How do I know? Cause I did it for a short time and its only when I got out of that habit that things got interesting. You will come across the fit looking girls and trust me the looks can compensate for other things.

I can understand if she totally lied but really think that if this is the way you are goingto go then you are pretty much going to fall into the sweet shop habit. Meet her and see how it goes.

I am not much to look at and had some girls judge before or during the meet which is great as i didnt want a shallow person but when I met my current GF I shit myself as she was a beauty but it went great as she didnt have that shallowness.

Probably too late now but meet her and let us know! :lol:

Cheers for advice dude! Problem I have is, it's not the way she looks (generally I really don't care about that), it's the size of her! Over the past 2 years she's put on rather a lot of weight, and I'm really not into 'big girls'... So I think meeting her would be a mistake.

Awww! like that is it! :lol: I had that a few times, couldnt believe my luck with one girl that I was meeting as she was fit as **** but when I met her she was a big girl and the pictures were years old. I want to see what they look like now! I dont care if they are a 14 (which I think she may have been) as at my age we all do but be honest. She was a great girl but at the end of the night I had to explain that she killed the trust at the very start and made it a little worse for her by saying that I would have met her as she was now.

Anyway if thats the case then I can understand it a bit better.

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I met a bird off POF once, anyway we went on this "date" and she was fiddling with her phone and she mistakenly played a message I'd left her which she'd obviously saved and kept. Kind of scary, didn't see her again.

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