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Man City Away attendance?


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Hello All Fellow Villans!

Little help needed with a bet Ive had with a Geordie friend I have.

We were talking about our surrendering of the FA Cup game against Man City.

GH apologised to the 900 fans that went up to the game. Now I said that GH has got his facts wrong because there was definately more than 900 fans that went to the game.

So we had a £50 bet. I will win the bet if I can prove there was more than 900 Villa fans at the City ground.

I am sure we did just need some proof.

Any ideas lads and lassies?



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There were around 2500 - 3000 of us. How you are going to prove it I don't know. Maybe get in touch with the ticket office.

THIS...also see if you can get your hands on a Manchester City programme since the game, either off a mate or ebay...in their programme they tell you the amount of away fans that go to each game

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on the subject of man city away, has any video footage surfaced of the fans during the last 5-10 mins of the game? it was absolutely fantastic to be a part of but i havn't had the opportunity to relive the comical scenes.

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