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Temporary Toilets.


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They will still get smashed.

Maybe Aston Villa has paid for the hire of them, if they get smashed it's down to Aston Villa to foot the bill?

As you say they'll be smashed up and I don't see the idea behind them hiring them for people to smash up unless Aston Villa are footing the bill for them.

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I posted part of this earlier on another site

temporary toilet my arse…

...the sty is one PERMANENT toilet........latrine, carsie, bog, shitter, potty, dump, john, loo, lav, little boys room, little girls room, black hole, can, shithouse, crap hole, crapper, cess pit,

…or any other name you can think of for a TOILET!!

for after all, the place is the dump of all dumps...

if you've got anymore then please feel free to add them to the thread.

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As I understand it the toilets always get smashed up. I would have thought it cheaper to put a couple of security guards and a copper in each toilet for 2 hours rather than pay for a new re-fit.

Still think we have some real morons if this is the way they think that we should demonstrate our superiority over the Scum. (a) It is scum like behaviour; and (B) do they not understand that it will just encourage the neanderthals to do similar, or worse, damage to VP and, as our ground is far superior, we have a lot more to lose on this basis.

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