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The lads who ran onto the pitch after the 3rd goal


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Was wondering if they are VT'ers? Or if anyone knows them? Couple of young lads, probably late teens ran onto the pitch from the front row of C7 after the 3rd goal, as the players ran to towards the bench. They joined in with the celebrations and were promptly ejected.

Looks like they enjoyed it though, I suppose. I saw them at half time go up the stairs from the 'Press Lounge' door inside - one of the ones with a keypad that is never locked. Didn't think much of it at the time, but now it looks like they were after a little mischief.

Got the impression they usually sit elsewhere in the ground, and probably got tickets on different client reference numbers, so when they're barred they can go elsewhere in the ground - I'm presumed it'd be that easy anyway.

Further to that - anyone have any news on the now infamous Lower Doug Ellis Guy who diving header'd the ball against Blues?

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Did you see how many people walked out as soon as Blackpool got the equaliser, well you missed the goal!

I was one of those! I don't normally leave but that just pissed me right off, and then seeing their playing lying on the floor with 'cramp'. As i got down the holte end stairs i heard a massive chear! The other time i left was when Everton scored last season to make it 2-1, then we equalised! Maybe i should do it more often!

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