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Pearce for new England manager.


Pearce, could he do the job?? fire the boys up??  

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  1. 1. Pearce, could he do the job?? fire the boys up??

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I liked JG too, as a man manager he's crap, but you don't need that in the England job, you just need to coach them, I think he'd do a good job, he even got Collymore performing for a bit. He's a great coach, it's just the transfer/man management was a lot more dodgy.

So JG should get it, but would he have a hope in hell? Of course not, if it's fist face I'll probably cry.

Pearce wouldn't really be my choice, didn't he forget to pick a keeper for his first game at notts forest?

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Give him a bit o' time at ManCity...

but I've always liked Stuart Pearce... had a bit of a soft spot for Nott Forest in its day (still want to see them come back!)

... also loved the way Pearce played... and when Man City announced that he was their manager, I thought it was a good move for them...

Having said that.... I think Sven's a good manager too...

He took a lot of flak when he started... and then came the 5-1 (who will forget that night?)

Yeh, so we lost an irrelevant friendly tonight (I think Sven will see it as largely irrelevant ozvillafan ;))... I couldn't care less... he'll get us to the World Cup...

... the FA should re-assess his future after the WC...

until then... this conversation is moot

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If you are going to put JG forward as manager why not Barry Fry? :winkold:

Seriously, I couldnt give a toss about international football. The press go over the top on it, and all people do is slag the manager off, and go on about the good old days of Terry "spiv" Venables. It is so dull, I would rather concentrate on supporting the Villa, than watching international cup competitions where we think England should win it, but in reality the chances are very slim.

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There is nothing wrong with Sven.

His record in competitive games stands up to anybody in the world. Its just his atitude towards frendlies.

Sven is guilty of letting this disgraceful kind of atitude creep in to non competitive games.

Giving out caps like confetti, and making 11 substitutions during games means that the players now consider them to be little more than kickabouts, not full internationals.

Someone like Pearce would change all that, but for **** sake. let him cut his teeth at club level first!

Judge Sven after the qualifiers, not after a friendly that he clearly didnt give a shit about.

Personally, i think this result could be good for English football. It will make him think about things he has never thought about before, and it will force him to answer some tricky questions. Lets hope he reacts in a positive manner.

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Guest RantinRob
if it's fist face I'll probably cry.

So will Villaninireland..................I ain't forgot!!!! :winkold:

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