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New York Villa fans,


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Could try this:



Chairperson - Ben McCool

Come watch each and every Villa game LIVE at the Football Factory, downstairs at Legends pub - we're in the shadow of the Empire State Building in midtown Manhattan, making it an easily accessible destination from pretty much anywhere in New York City. Founded in 2006, the New York Villans is a steadily expanding group of devout fans from the UK, Ireland, and all across the United States -- all are welcome, not least if you enjoy a drink and a bit of banter with some of our (friendly) rival supporter groups! The Football Factory is a quite sensational spot to watch a live match, whether it's the Villa, any other Premier League team, or indeed a game from leagues around Europe, North America, South America, and beyond! It's also the place to be when it comes to International fixtures, including (but not restricted to!) the World Cup and European Championships. Jack Keane is your friendly host, and though a devout Manchester United supporter, he's no slouch when it comes to knowledge about all things Villa! We hope to see you in the pub soon, cheers and UTV! 

Bar based at: 6 west 33rd street, New York, NY 1000133RD STREET, NEW YORK, NY 10001

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