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William Hunt (1950s)


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Saw this in the Halesowen News.

Appears to be a very sad and lonely end for one of our former players.

RIP Will 

THE family of a Halesowen footballer who played for Aston Villa have spoken at their "devastation" at not being able to give him the "send off he deserves" due to coronavirus restrictions.

William Hunt played for Aston Villa in the 1950s.


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1 hour ago, Stratvillan said:

I do think we need to do more for our ex players. Theres a belief that footballers are rich, but that's a modern thing. 

There's fans who tidy up graves (fortress villa? Etc).

I know there's an ex players group, but we should do more than a photo on a screen at the end of the season. 

We can sing HEITS which is lovely, but we could and should look after the people who made our club.

The current team stand on the shoulders of giants. 


Yes its tragic how former players are ignored. £10 a month he earned and house prices then were probably under 2k but its a paltry amount. 

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