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VIlla Hooligans


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Being of a certain age, hooliganism was part and parcel of the matchday experience, with many people, whilst not a part of a organised firm would get involved in the heat of battle or say, if a mob of opposition supporters appeared on the Holte. In the 70's if you travelled away, male, female or child you were classed as fair game by the home supporters. The 80's saw the rise of the more organised football firm, like our C Crew, one of the first multi racial firms in the UK in a predominately right wing pastime. People often forget that the firm that came before the Birmingham Zulus, the Apex were extremely right wing with hardly any, if at all multi racial members. Thatcher and later, the rave scene in the late 80's diluted football violence with everyone pilled and 'loved' up. However it morphed again in the early 90's with smaller much more organised groups in the main meeting well away from the match and much less bullying of so called normal people that was prevalent in the proceeding decades. 

A couple of instances stick in my memory, one of them being dragged out of the old Witton by Dad when a Millwall fan pulled a knife next to us shouting he was going to kill Brian Little after he scored in a FA Cup game at Villa Park.  On the other hand the relief that was palpable in the away end at Forest one year when the Steamers arrived meaning the family Villa support would have some protection when leaving the ground later, something they often did. Loads more but just interested in any tales witnessed, as stated at one time it was part and parcel 

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