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P65 Cancer warning labels


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Evening all. 

I want a new tool backpack for work, I narrowed it down to two, one from DeWalt and one Klein. However after looking at their respective sites, both backpacks carry the following warnings:

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm - www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

I'd not heard of it before, but after doing a bit of reading it seems this is a Californian regulation that requires companies to use this warning on products that contain materials known to cause cancer. Unfortunately beyond the warning itself I can't find any specific information, so was wondering if anyone had any advice on how to obtain it?

If I'm honest it's probably put me off both bags to be fair, but it's interesting none the less because these are two of the most popular tool backpacks on the market. 




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What other products do the P65 warnings appear on?

Edit: Apparently they're on a whole load of things, including coffee. So depending on your viewpoint, California is a nanny state gone mad, or companies really don't give a flying one about whether their products might cause cancer and you're completely done for anyway.

I'd buy the bag - we're all going to die.


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Thanks folks. 

Out of interest I started checking other brands bags and I've found loads that also carry the same warning, including the one I currently own. 



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Weird. That's not informative at all. While it's the dose that makes the poison, it's essential to look at the speciation of the compound and given material,  along with fate and transport and your exposure. 

If we were to avoid everything based on P65 living would be hard. 

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