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Match Preview: St. Sven Marks our cards for us


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Yes we welcome the excellent at home (yet poor against us) Man Citeh to Villa Park for some mince pies, cream and a good stuffing.

Another cold week means the players will no doubt have all been training hard indoors, you only have to look at the tabloids to know the United players were training hard the other night.


Minds will be wandering to the festivities and what Santa will be providing by way of presents, for the Villa faithful the list will include three points on Saturday, good performances at Chelsea and Wigan and a 'proper' right back.

Kick Off ?

Kick off it seems is once more at the proper time at 3PM on a Saturday. Watch out for people with bags of shopping not being allowed in and a few turning up late as the ASton Expressway will no doubt be mobbed.

What is the history between the two sides?

We've won once at home in eleven attempts and that thanks to a Citeh player, the vastly underachieving Darius Vassell. Our only other win in the Premier League was the very enjoyable 3-1 win in the inaugural season, noted for Keith Curle's basketball and Citeh fans booing their goal as they (Citeh fans) wanted us to beat United to the title.

Overall however, the league games are very close with Citeh edging it 52 - 49 with 36 games finishing level.

What’s the team news?

Villa may have the smallest squad but at least they are all in contention for this game. Time will tell if Petrov will be selected.

Citeh look likely to be without the 400m World Record holder, Michael Johnson, though to be fair he is getting on a bit as it is.

What’s the Prediction?

Well I said on in midweek that they would come into this game on the back of a cup defeat and that was right so I'm going for the double with a home win, not only that but I'm returning back to our first Premier League win at VP for the scoreline as I think it'll be a 3-1 win too.

Why Should We Beat Them?

Quite simply because we are better than them, off the pitch and on it we're just far better. We have a Chairman and board that most would aspire to be like they have one that if you were like them you would be in a prison somewhere unless you could worm your way out of it.

We have a manager that the FA and the press wanted; they've got the one the FA got rid of, though if I'm honest I think he is a very good manager.

We've got a lot of prospects that we've heard of, they've got a load of players bought on the evidence of a video and scout reports, no doubt a couple will work but some won't. Those are the gambles I guess.

We've got fans that will support the club through thick and thin - oh they have the same.

We've won something since 1976 - they haven't.

Why Should We Like Them?

There was a time when it seemed that whichever of the sides needed the points got them, if one needed them to stave off relegation then c'est la vie.

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