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Hatton vs Calzaghe

B6 to E6

Hatton or Calzaghe  

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  1. 1. Hatton or Calzaghe

    • Hatton
    • Calzaghe

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imo - Cos of the way they fight, Calzaghe has more chance of remaining unbeaten. He is too quick.

I'm no bender, but he looks pretty good for a man who has had so many fights. He still has a nose.

I love watching Hatton destroy fighters. If you get knocked out, you don't know anything about it. When you get a Hatton body blow, you cry (and probably shit your pants as well)

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I think Calzaghe could overtake Hatton soon.

There's a good chance that Hatton's 0 will go against Mayweather, even though I do fancy him to win.

Calzaghe should beat Kessler and if he get the winner of Pavlik/Taylor and beat them, he'll have overtaken Hatton.

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I prefer Hatton myself, I love the way he is, met him once before and just seemed such a top bloke.

I met him about two years ago in a nightclub in Tenerife. Top bloke, he was getting mobbed by everyone, but had time for all his fans and was happily posing for pictures and having a bit of banter, as I said, top bloke.

I've always liked him as a boxer, but since then I've become a massive fan of his. He has now become to me, the boxing version of Villa :lol:

Anyway as for the original question, Hatton would beat Calzaghe, no doubt about it.

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Even if Hatton loses to Mayweather he's still achieved more in boxing than Calzaghe ever will, without question.

Calzaghe has been spoon fed a diet of over the hill fighters and bums since 1997, he waited until he was in his mid thirties before he actually took on a challenge and even then it was against a relative novice. Hatton to his credit took the Tszyu fight which, although Tszyu was 35 at the time was a tougher fight than anything Joes ever taken. Hatton has now stepped up and agreed to fight the P4P number 1 in Mayweather and even if he loses will get his due respect.

Calzaghe on the other hand spent years talking about fighting Jones, Hopkins, Tarver, Johnson etc etc etc and as soon as the fights materialised he refused to fight anywhere other than Wales, refused 50-50 or even 60-40 purse splits....and even then when Glen Johnson finally said '**** it I'll take what's on offer lets just fight' Joe managed to get 'injured' not once but TWICE to get out of facing a real fighter.

**** Calzaghe he's a joke.

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