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  1. Had to do a drinks diary a few months back. I'd have two nights a week of a few pints, and then two nights a month when I'd drink my months worth of units each time. On reflection it was a bit excessive, but it just creeps up on you. I'm off the sauce for a few months now, since August. Will stay dry until around March - will see how it goes.
  2. B6 to E6


    Great timing - I'm off to Lisbon in July as well. Going to have 10 nights, split between Porto and Lisbon.
  3. If you're looking for an alternative, I suggest Goslings Black Seal. Picked some up at the weekend and was mixing it with ginger ale.
  4. B6 to E6


    Too chunky, I think. AirMax 1's or Air Max Classics are better, IMO.
  5. B6 to E6


    I've been sporting these and can say that they have been great. I'll get another pair soon.
  6. B6 to E6


    This is all helpful, and I will deco check out the Air Asia deals. Looking at the prices, I thnk that I have left it late this year, so will plan properly for a trip in 2016.
  7. B6 to E6


    OK, cool. You're right - there's no such thing as bad weather; just poor preparation. I'll let you know. Thanks man.
  8. B6 to E6


    I was thinking July or August. TBH I've not really checked out the rain situation at the time, so that may put the kibosh on that.
  9. B6 to E6


    I've not been on a two week holiday for years, so wanted to push the boat out a bit and go to Malaysia. I figured it could give a mix of beach, jungle and city. Are there any tips for booking it cheaper than using a package company? Places to go etc. Cheers, Tom
  10. Not even when busting through toilet roll??
  11. B6 to E6

    Do you read?

    I've decided that I'm going to read through a few dystopian novels. I recently read the brilliant Running Man and have started in Fahrenheit 451. I don't think that it will last that long, but it's started well.
  12. B6 to E6


    I was thinking about picking up a GPS watch, as i need to start training smarter ahead of a couple of half next year. Are they worth getting? I've been using run keeper on the iPhone, but have found that the gps goes a little bonkers in certain areas. Its good for the esteem to see myself running 4 minute miles, but its sadly more to phantom gps miles than anything else...
  13. Walthamstow is pretty pricey, and is much bigger than I thought - it's got like about 5 stations. I spent ages looking for a place to buy - started in Walthamstow and moved further and further towards the river until we got a place in East Ham. The area is OK - kind of like Sparkhill was about 10 years ago. It was more or less the only place we could afford, given the craziness of people offering 20% over asking price. I saw a 2 bed flat in Walthamstow on for £285k, eventually get sold for £385k. I wouldn't suggest renting / sharing in East Ham though - more just a way of getting on the l
  14. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_VTY8ftr1vY Not a big fan of either Thicke or Pharell.
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