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Couch to 5K


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I've just started doing a couch to 5k thing. I'm about 6'1" and I've always been thin. Happy with my body in general (as much as anyone is I suppose) and I've always been fairly fit. I used to play football, but that was a while ago now, so I have become a bit lazy I suppose, so I sort of feel like I should try and 'get fit'. I don't want to lose weight particularly, I'm not even bothered about looking toned or anything. Just would like to get fit to help with health. As I've mentioned elsewhere in VT my mum passed away in April and it has made me worry a lot more about my health, I worry about everything, but now particularly a lot more about that. I don't think it's knee jerk reaction or anything though, so hopefully I can stick at it, and the incremental part of the couch to 5k thing will help me. Got an app called 5k Runner, so fingers crossed. Did the first one today, and felt OK.

Anyway, anyone else done a couch to 5k, or started running, or maybe you've run for years? Tips would be welcome, or just some moral support! 

(Couldn't see a pre-existing thread, but apologies if there is one).

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