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Quiz - Guess The Rock Star!


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I did one of these a while back and it proved popular so here's another.


All you have to do is guess the rock star from old photos...the person who gets the most right wins a DHUTWU badge.


Last comment might be bollocks.


Ok some easy ones first...


1. oSj1fJU.png


2. PDbvBqr.png


3. Vtlvn33.png

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10) Glenn Danzig

11) Zach De La Rocha (Dreads buddies :))

12) Scott Weiland


Will you feck off?


You don't read Ernies House do ya?

Or are you just cheatin'?


Haha The Rock and Roll spirit lives inside of me, that's all :D


8 pints is obviously a closet rock fan or a twister


I'm not a closet fan, I've written on here loads of time that I love Rock and have posted rock songs in the Songs Thread :D



What about these Rappers?










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Aw come on...no way would anyone have got Danzig! I call shenanigans!


He's a big Reggae fan.


I find that hard to believe

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