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Sky and BT in a new house


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Okay so, I move into my brand new flat next week and it is wired to receive BT etc.


I want to order BT and Sky for when we move in (preferably online so I can get all the Quidco benefits etc,).  Neither the Sky site or the BT site can find my address as it's brand new.


Can I just order sky alone first and then give my sky viewing card number to BT after, or do I need some kind of line rental in place from the off.


I'm a bit confused on how to start it all and this probably makes no sense.  Arrrgh!



Thanks in advance.

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You need the phone line first otherwise they won't / can't fit Sky. A working phone line is part of the contract. You can arrange both beforehand but the phone line will need to be working before the Sky engineer will be able to enable the fit.

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Check your postcode is live first 


It should be. However, most businesses only update their records once or twice a year. My post code went live in April this year yet some companies still don't recognise it! 


BT will know about it, give them a ring. Although i had BT wired in, they still had to come out and manually activate the line. This took 3 weeks from when I requested it.

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