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  1. As usual with villa, nobody knows whats happening - including the media they are absolutely clueless and probably know as much as us. I'm not sure this all points to Lambert, I think he is in the limelight now because of todays events at other clubs, simple as that. If he was our number one target from day one, we'd have him by now in my opinion. I have heard from various different people that Martinez was always the boards target. I really can't grasp why he'd stay at Wigan. It makes no sense at all, loyalty doesnt come into it he will be with a struggling team again with little money . Nobody can be sure what our board will do, look at what happened with the last appointment. PL is lazy media, we have to sit tight I wouldnt rule out Benitez.
  2. Something just doesnt add up here. For OGS to come out and say he would like the job and then a couple of days later say actually I'm staying where I am because I dont want to unsettle my family seems a very strange sequence of events. Whatever the clubs say he's burnt his bridges with Molde from talking to us in the first place. If you notice once the story broke tonight all the usual suspects in the media jumped on the back of it - there are no quotes from anybody it's all guesswork. I can't see him changing his mind or talks breaking down that dramtically - remember mcleish was going to be given money so I'm certain the new manager will be. We may end up not getting him, but I don't think its as dead in the water as the clueless media are making out.
  3. General, I for one would like to say that the signing of Given is a step back in the right direction. Are similar calibre moves been planned for the remainder of the summer. I hope so.. it would really get some of the doubters back on side.
  4. I for one am delighted with this signing. As good, if not a lot better than Friedel and a very respected name. I think we have one of the best keepers in the business on our books. Credit where it's due to Mr.Lerner, Faulkner and McLeish on pulling this one out of the bag. 3.5m is a steal regardless of the contract. I'm sorry but that contract tells me Given has a long future at the club even in to a coaching capacity which can only be good for our future. We need to stop looking for negatives, let's look forward to the season with a safe pair of hands between the sticks! Good Luck Given.
  5. Looking forward to Given signing, he is at least on par if not better than Friedel. Good signing.
  6. I think with Given coming in, Given will be with us until he retires, he's not going to move onto better things coming from Man City to villa. We may sign a young keeper to bring through the ranks learning off Given. If we don't I think Guzan will be on the bench or out on loan again if we have Andy Marshall.
  7. General, brace yourself for another fans revolt let me tell you. I'm sorry when Randy Lerner joined 5 years ago we all were looking to a bright future. There is no bright future now. You have given up competing. Do we still want the champions league? Let me tell you we will not get champions league while Lerner is the owner of our club. I have backed Randy Lerner every single step of the way. Our squad is so bare at the moment, we have sold our best player and just accepted a bid for our next best. I dont think any of the board have a clue how football works, I don't dispute the fact you'll know how to run a business but this is a football club. Actions speak louder than words as you reinforce on here, actions are very loud at the moment I think we're in for some negative times ahead. You may come on here now and say that Randy will continue to back the manager. Yes with Funds available from Young+Downing? Thats no new money in, I hope McLeish has 40m + to spend. What can you say to us?
  8. He is no better than McLeish. Give McLeish the money MON had and he will do the same, although I do believe the league has got a little more competitve since MON! Mc Leish and O' Neill are both motivational managers so can work with all types of players. I agree giving Mc Cleish that sort of money we would be relatively successful. Going back on to topic, it depends on what the boards ambitions are with regards to Downing. I think the best chance this year is a cup run, would Downing be an integral part of the team, probably but let's face it, we cant say stay another season Stewart and we'll try and get champions league thats not going to happen in the near future unfortunately. If we are tightening our belts, we need to cash in but absolutely no less than 20m.
  9. Hi General, Before I say the below I would like to say I will always support the team, regardless of anything. All of these fans saying they won't renew their tickets because of a manager is ridiculous. I think the handling of the situation appointing this manager has been poor. You knew a long time back that Houllier would not be continuing so why couldnt a shortlist of managers be lined up? The appointment of McCleish really does seem like a last resort and whilst I will back him and hope he does well I can't see why other targets would not have been better. You have also kept the fans in Limbo during this saga, we want to know whats going on we care and are passionate for the club. I understand you do not want the media to find out, but how come they knew a few days before that Mc Leish was been interviewed? I think the press conference will be important and I hope they will highlight that the club still has ambitions and Lerner will back McCleish with money so we can keep on building. Also General, I appreciate you probably cannot confirm this or not, but I heard the other day that Richard Dunne had been given a significant pay rise very recently, is there any reason why if this is true? Thanks
  10. Just heard a rumour that Moyes will resign at Everton tomorrow, paving the way for Mc Leish to go there and Moyes coming here. Not ITK by any means but praying its true. I still think there's a very big chance Moyes will be our next manager this week whatever happens..
  11. After reading that we are totally up shit creak here If Martinez turns us down.....and Dave Whelan seems quitely confident, we could end up with Alan Fecking Curbishley The way the board have handled this is an absolute disgrace imo To be honest, you, me or anyone else except people at villa actually have a clue whats going on. I won't believe anything until the new manager is announced and I will get behind them whoever it is. All of this media talk is misleading and makes no sense, it's guess work. And Whelan saying that Martinez would not be likely to take the job? If Martinez is offered the villa job he would bite Lerners hand off! Let's just wait and see what happens!
  12. And whelan apparently has allowed him to talk to us!
  13. You don't know that. Remember the article where Ancelotti said he would manage West Ham and he loves British football. What made him change his mind? We are the one of the best teams outside the top 4, with some money and a great youth system. My personal opinion is this Italian article is total rubbish and the english media have jumped on it and everyone believes it! I believe and hope optimistically he will be our next manager based on what we know.
  14. I voted for Moyes. I would have martinez, but only with Houllier upstairs with his knowledge and buying players. However dont think it will happen. Still have a sneaky feeling Ancelotti will be appointed before the end of the week regardless of the apparent year break he is supposed to be taking..
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