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  1. rumourmill


    I ment come out and put in a complaint . I have no idea who they are
  2. rumourmill


    All good . But these kids are in a work situation . Many living in digs away from family for support. So to be treated like a worthless piece of s##t on a daily basis in front of coaches and players would be very hard to take . And if you talk up and buck the system it could make it worse . Glad to see this family has come forward . If they need any backup just give me a bell
  3. rumourmill


    My son was destroyed by this academy. Had to get treatment for depression . All from the treatment of certain youth coach who has now left .
  4. rumourmill

    Gordon 'Sid' Cowans

    Best thing to happen to the accademy long over due. The lost of Mcandrew is a blessing
  5. rumourmill

    Academy General Topic

    Well in that case , this lot better start looking for a new club , asap .
  6. rumourmill

    Academy General Topic

    SGC , find this result and last years effort quite amusing . I do remember you putting DOWN members of the team that made the semi final 2 years ago and telling with your chest pumped out how the next lot through would go on and win the youth cup for sure . Well they got knocked out in the 1st game 2 years running . just because a player can stepover the ball 300 times a game and perform circus tricks with ease , does not mean they will be a good player . Would rather the team full of grafters than a team of super stars that do not play as a team . Whats the next bold prediction from the wise SGC
  7. rumourmill

    Under 19s in NextGen series

    rodigan , johnson ( born 1992 ) is to old for nextgen ,This year we are only allowed to have 2 boys born 1993 on the field as over age players at 1 time , and 1 1993 player on the bench . all the rest must be born 1994 and younger . Last year we were caught out in the last game at villa park for fielding to many over age players in the starting squad , thus the mass of changes before kickoff . Spurs also got done and after beating liverpool stood down from the tournament and liverpool advanced
  8. rumourmill

    Academy Under 18s season 2011/12

    HEY rodigan , they made the final , think you owe the boys an apology , players are released for various reason , and not because they are sh8t . done our club proud even though they knew they had no future here .
  9. rumourmill

    RESERVES : 2011/12 season/stats

    getting desperate for a trophy . 1st team squad playing a reserve game .
  10. rumourmill

    Jack Grealish

    jack played the last 10
  11. rumourmill

    Under 19s in NextGen series

    good news today rosenborg lost 1 nil to fenerbache , this leaves us 3 points clear of rosenborg with 1 game to go each , both still to play ajax
  12. rumourmill

    Gary Gardner

    just remember these are boys and due to the fact the Premier League is the strongest league in the world they will break in at alot older age now than before . the standard is improving as time will tell
  13. rumourmill

    Jack Grealish

    SGC must of been an in house game , as the reserves have not played since Tamworth game
  14. rumourmill

    RESERVES : 2011/12 season/stats

    and all the boys 1992 and younger will also have to play the nexgen series as well . Alot of games this year with the youth league as well
  15. poor technical covers alot of areas . since you have seen him play so much , surely you can fill me in .