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  1. Wow, what an awful lineup. It's just, "Sit back, don't you dare concede, and let's hope Sterling can produce some magic to take us through." We're either gonna get mauled in the 90, or we snoozefest our way to penalties and lose it there instead.
  2. Barkley was trying to give Mings advice on how to play a defence-splitting pass.
  3. You're right. We should've waited to see his first pass before rushing to judgement.
  4. I hope it turns out the same way. Good novelty laugh for a couple of years and then it burns itself to the ground.
  5. That's easily solvable by the First and Only Premier League May Madness. No relegations, 6 teams promoted from the Championship, and a totally unpredictable special vote on Premier League status to close out the season. 20 votes vs 6 = See ya to the "big clubs" and we've already sorted out 20 for next season.
  6. I don't understand VT posters at all. In one breath, some are calling our performance lazy and sloppy, and in the next calling for, the perpetually lazy/unfit and definitely uninterested saviour, Ross Barkley to grace us with his presence. What is he really going to bring to the game, except wearing out the centre circle with mindless jogging around? I'd wanna see Sanson on for McGinn. He's not having a great game.
  7. The absolute mad lad has actually done it! Hoped Sanson would make the cut but over the moon Barkley is on the bench
  8. 'ey Deano, got your team talk for you: InbetweenersDreadfulReaction.gif Get Ghazi off, don't think he's had a decent touch of the ball yet, and it's not like he's making a nuisance of himself off the ball or getting back to support Cash in defence. McGinn's not at the races either. The game seems to be something that's just happening to him (or around him), instead of him being involved in it. Barkley is slightly better, though that's not saying much. I've noticed the last few games that he has an annoying habit of dawdling on the ball when he should be moving the ball on quickly, and speeding up when taking a second would be better. Even Luiz seems to be lethargic today, except that great block. Get Bert on for Ghazi, get Sanson on for McGinn and give Barkley a two-touch limit for the rest of the game.
  9. 3 hours ago, a Man City 2-0 win would've got a shrug and a "Yeah, fair enough". But that has really put me off bothering anymore. It was such an enjoyable game up until then as well. That "clarification of the offside rule" just opens up a whole world of goal hanging now, surely? Ironically, the very thing the offside rule was supposed to stop. Next game, let's stick Doug and McGinn up by their keeper, and longball it towards their goal all game long. As soon as he touches it, mug him and tap it in. Not offside officer, promise. Look it up. Robbie Savage smugly said so. Absolutely bonkers. Can we get a whip-round started to pay off Dean's fine as long as he promises to really lay into the PGMOL? We might have a few quid left over to convince JT to shag all their wives, mothers, daughters and cousins too.
  10. I hope Taylor never pulls on our shirt again.
  11. "I've got a brilliant idea guys. Let's hoof it to each other. We can dominate these guys in the air. You don't even need to jump to win those headers." - Steve Bruce, probably.
  12. Have we won a header yet? Easiest game of the season for QPRs defence.
  13. Amazing what happens when you build from the back and not just hoof it away
  14. "Only one place he's coming, and it's inside."
  15. I get the feeling Hamilton knows he's not well received and he's given up on turning people to his side. He used to be really enthusiastic and genuine. I seem to remember there being a few times he got a bit of a hammering for a few badly turned phrases and poor jokes etc ("Maybe it's cos I'm black"). Instead of giving more ammo out by trying harder (we all know that'll just make people hate him more for being a tryhard) he's gone the other way and just shut down to avoid more bad attention. It probably didn't help his outward personality by being groomed by McLaren for all those years as well. They're well known for training their representatives to be as corporate as possible. As an aside; I think all F1 drivers have that bellend streak to them. Fame, fortune, glory, women, fast cars since before they can remember, fans and media fawning over them every two weeks the world over. Add in the sharkpit like environment of an F1 paddock and the absolute confidence/arrogance you have to have to drive a car like that. Every single guy on that grid can be ruthless and as mean as they come. Some are just better at hiding it.
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