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  1. I hope Taylor never pulls on our shirt again.
  2. I get the feeling Hamilton knows he's not well received and he's given up on turning people to his side. He used to be really enthusiastic and genuine. I seem to remember there being a few times he got a bit of a hammering for a few badly turned phrases and poor jokes etc ("Maybe it's cos I'm black"). Instead of giving more ammo out by trying harder (we all know that'll just make people hate him more for being a tryhard) he's gone the other way and just shut down to avoid more bad attention. It probably didn't help his outward personality by being groomed by McLaren for all those years as well. They're well known for training their representatives to be as corporate as possible. As an aside; I think all F1 drivers have that bellend streak to them. Fame, fortune, glory, women, fast cars since before they can remember, fans and media fawning over them every two weeks the world over. Add in the sharkpit like environment of an F1 paddock and the absolute confidence/arrogance you have to have to drive a car like that. Every single guy on that grid can be ruthless and as mean as they come. Some are just better at hiding it.
  3. I wanted to jump on the extreme situations to prove points bandwagon.
  4. And if Hutton plays the game of his life and is man of the match in a 4-0 win? Tough shit, too late, no going back?
  5. After that tweet, who would there be hesitations in the fans getting behind? MoN? Trevor Francis? Hughton?
  6. Knows he won't win so he has a ready made excuse?
  7. I hope hes bracing himself for some difficult questions. Are the players shit? Is RDM tactically inept or the most boring team talk giver ever? Or maybe everything AVFC touches turns to shit and we should just accept it?
  8. Cant forget Deal. They play in the Aston Power League.
  9. I think it's best to hold fire on settling on what happened that night. I've been seeing some very contradictory witness reports. I'm sure one said he was kicking the door repeatedly but never got into his dads house before police arrived. How can he strangle him if he couldn't get in? That said, it's fairly reasonable to assume that his own brother and dad wouldn't lie, so these are the most reliable statements so far. What is known as a fact at this point is that an idol of a lot of Villa fans here has passed away in possibly avoidable circumstances*. Whether he was a genuinely bad man (which goes against a lot of what has been said of him over the years) or suffering personal demons (drink, drugs, mental health) remains to be seen. *On this point; any police force on here? I'd like to know how threatened you have to feel to use a taser on someone? I know Dalian was a fairly big guy so its fair to say you could feel very threatened depending on his actions, but if he was as drunk as some reports say, surely it'd be relatively easy to incapacitate him without the use of a taser? I've seen some pretty incredible take downs on nights out. Hope that doesn't come across as pointing the finger, I'm just trying to see the situation from the coppers perspective a bit more.
  10. He's just a Yank. The only violence he understands is friendly fire and gun-related massacres.
  11. That does calm the nerves down a bit. The question about Samuelsons role still remains though.
  12. Being told by the media that my 2nd team is Liverpool. "'AGUEROOOOOOO"
  13. That's not what he was saying. Freezing in the face of a terrible situation can happen to anyone. If you tell me that's not true, I'll show you a liar. I agree with you here. I was born in 1990 so have no idea how things were back then. I have trouble remembering even the late 90's. I can't imagine going to a public event without officials guiding you to where you should be almost every step of the way.
  14. Yo Ashley. I'm really happy for you, I'm going to let you finish, but Bannan had one of the best 5 yard passes of all time. Where's Con?!
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