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  1. Yes both do it well. McGinn especially. If we are looking for another DCM/CM however, we need to ensure they can as well.
  2. That's the issue, even center backs need to be able to pass and composed on the ball in the modern game. Nakamba is great defensively but is slow distributing which invites pressure. Billing would be the same IMO. We need a balance, good defensive output but can confidently transition the ball out of defense and break the opposite teams counter-press.
  3. Slightly nervous Wolves will be in for him as a Jota replacement. Can't believe he is going for £35m.
  4. 0.33 non penalty goals or assists last season, 2.7 shot creating actions, 1.4 dribbles. Pretty average and much worse than Traore who caused such division on this forum. Maybe you are right and he will find some of his old form but he is the wrong side of 30.
  5. Seriously though his stats were very poor last season even ignoring his £15m a year in wages he will cost them....
  6. Bale is a terrible signing, talk about finished players.
  7. I think Barkley could be a good option on a loan with an option to buy to add some depth. Limited game time last season but created 3.7 shots per game which is pretty good and 0.4 xg or xa. Definitely an upgrade on Jota and could be important if Jack gets a knock.
  8. It will be a much improved situation than last season with Wesley, Heaton, Gilbert, Davis, AEG, Trez, Hause who all started many games last season on the bench. I was impressed by Ramsey and hopefully we get a CB and CM before the window closes.
  9. There is no doubt that Traore is a gamble just like King is a gamble. Both had very poor seasons last season but have the raw 'tools' to borrow a baseball term. Despite having bad seasons both King and Traore completed over 2.5 successful dribble per game (Jack is 2.2, Trez 1.8 and AEG 1.54) and Traore completed 3.25 per game the season before. Both have pace and both have had good scoring records in the past. So this might come off if he suits a counter attacking team and the transfer fee would look like a bargain or he doesn't succeed and we sell him in a year or two for 30-50% of what we paid. I would like Sarr ideally but we are not going to pay £40m+ for a player.
  10. Yes he has. 3.62 shot creating actions per 90 which is exceptional for a central midfielder. 3.27 tackles or interceptions per 90 nearly 20 presses per game and over two successful dribbles per game. He is quality both attacking and defending and that is with 4 or 5 games after lock down not being fully fit. McGinn is a £40-50m player and a top 6 team will be in for him by the end of the season if he stays fit and maintains his performance level.
  11. McGinn is an exceptional player who is creative, an excellent pivot, can beat a man and has a decent defensive output. He is definitely good enough, in fact he will be off to a 'bigger' club in a couple of years with Jack if we don't make significant progress.
  12. Its clear the brief to the recruitment team for the two inside forwards was pace, can score and can beat a man. That is why we were after King and Rashica and why we are after this guy. We are planning on being a f***king nightmare to try to defend against on the break. Maybe that would suit Traore's game better than how Lyon play? I am not blown away by this signing but not writing him off either. He has had one bad season. Lots of good players have flopped first and gone on to be a big success elsewhere. To name a few, KDB, Salah, Depay, Odegaard, Lukaku, Payet, Pique, Sancho, Aspas, Forlan, Cuadrado, Di Maria, Pogba even Denis Bergkamp. Let's give the lad a chance.
  13. Wesley? Rashica can also play as a striker.
  14. He is successful 1 dribble in 2 not 1 in 20 so I think he does 'exagerate'....
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