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  1. Do players ever get a lowlights video produced for them? If they did, that would surely offer just us much insight without any context for the individual clips.
  2. Maupay could actually be the perfect foil, no? Just saying.
  3. With all this talk of new signings it's easy to forget the contribution of people like Ahmed Elmohamady. Egpyt in with a few crucial goals last year.
  4. If you put his historical injuries (which led to not much Prem playing time), next to his suggested fee then I can see your point. But there's a risk with every transfer and overall, I think £15m for a potentially excellent player is worth the gamble. Of all the question marks attached to Tyrone, I was most worried about his casualness on the ball, which only really presented itself towards the end of the season. Don't know if it's fair, but it felt a little bit like he knew his form was rock solid, so he believed his own press a bit too much.
  5. More so than Neil Taylor for instance?
  6. Yes, I share some of those reservations, which are mostly to do with his consistency. As others have said, he became more consistent towards the end of the season, but at times he did also look anonymous/ineffectual. That said, he will prove a steal if he can show his good qualities, more often than he disappears against a higher calibre of defender.
  7. You forget how the modern football fan's brain works... ignore all previous (sometimes very recent) struggles ---> presume club should be in for Neves, cos we're a big club, innit.
  8. When I imagine you saying that in my head, the missing 's' is really damning.
  9. Taylor is 100% guaranteed to lose the ball, or more typically give it away in any attacking move he is part of and he is only just about okay as a Championship defender. Surely we shouldn't be relying on a player with those qualities, even as squad filler?
  10. Please let this summer be the end of Taylor and Hutton in a Villa shirt. They have put in a shift and I thank them for that, but their limited abilities would be even more sorely exposed in the Premier League. Does anyone think there is a chance Smith will want to keep either of them because I really hope not!
  11. Just hope we don't show early signs of fannying around at the back, cos if we do that will dog us for the rest of the game. Baggies closing us down when we tried playing it out is what caused us problems in the semis and that's how Derby beat Leeds, so we can expect something similar today. If we see confident, crisp, simple passing from our centre backs to the midfield from the off, then I will be able to relax, but until then, no chance.
  12. Your interest in the degree to which other people celebrate something is clearly an indicator of something pretty odd going on. You're not the manager, you're a fan.
  13. How do you feel about birthdays? Hold the bubbly til your dead?
  14. It is a concern that we struggled for clear cut chances throughout despite the possession, last night. Not sure, what Smith can tell them to do different to change that. We've obviously managed it in plenty of other games recently, but when we have, it has typically been against lesser opposition who to some extent 'let us play'. The new found spirit we now have might just be enough anyway, irrespective of performance. You can tell Smith wasn't entirely happy last night because he doesn't want us to just squeak through. Happy Days!
  15. Disappointing, given our possession, but we also haven't really looked a genuine threat yet either. I hate how predictable it is that Neil Taylor is guaranteed 100% to lose the ball, or give it away in an attacking position. We can and still should win this, but we need to show a lot more in the second half. Mings casual and weird again.
  16. I can't tell if you are joking. The Mail is still a printer of vile, unfounded, hate filled lies and fully complicit in the fact we find ourselves mired in the shit swamp of divisive opinion we find ourselves currently. Indirectly, it is they and others like them, who write the stories that make it feel naughty, fun and 'okay again' to sing songs like the one we are discussing.
  17. Yeah, explains just how uncritical the consumers of our modern media actually are. Hook, line and sinker comes to mind and Nigey boy, with his inflammatory talk and simplistic non-solutions, is the big winner.
  18. Exactly, calling it out isn't whingeing, political correctness, it's necessary. 'Leaving it be' legitimises the racists and encourages them to carry on.
  19. Exactly. Some refuse to 'get it' though. Quite apart from the racism (or otherwise) of the situation in question, it baffles me as to why any Villa fan would think being a black man was something even worth noticing. We have had and continue to have, a whole host of black heroes play for our club and their colour made **** all difference when we celebrated their play.
  20. Technically correct, but also a red herring given most of the singers were white men identifying a black man by his skin colour.

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