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  1. To be fair, there's not much difference between 17th and 18th, so whichever it is, (if that's what it is... and you did say you'd be happy with 17th), we will have been fairly shit all season and lost loads of games. As such, not much point worrying really if there's only going to be one place in it.
  2. I get that it is metaphorical, but what kind of comment equals "bed wetting", just so we are clear?
  3. The sixth placed team has 6 points, which is one win away. Admittedly, we were cack today, but it's early days. Worried about playing more physical sides because until Davis came on we showed nothing and nothing stuck. Wesley somewhat Jekyll and Hyde.
  4. The most annoying thing about him, which I seem to recall being a feature of the pre-signing analysis, is that he often boots it way ahead of himself and the defender before then somewhat predictably losing control and/or possession of the ball. When this tactic does pay off, his end ball decision making is frequently poor. So far, anyway...
  5. We will obviously lose some games this season, but it's the manner in which we did today which is a very big worry. We created nothing, were sloppy in possession and generally outplayed. Yes, Trezeguet going off influenced the game, but it only made the outcome even more likely. In a word, we were shite. Lansbury's goal at the end should have been given, but we would not have deserved it and it would have papered over some pretty big cracks. Lots of very poor performances today.
  6. They do. How have they done so in criticising Neil Taylor in this thread? The vast majority, if not all, have noticed his good defensive performance and very poor attacking play. He is unfortunate in that now Guilbert is showing what a modern wingback should be. The argument is reasonable, not exaggerated.
  7. Completely agree. The modern wing back absolutely needs to do both, or you sacrifice a critical element of your play. Particularly so in a match against so called 'technically superior' opposition, where counter attacking is also your best chance of suppressing the opposition. Taylor has admitedly been very solid defensively in all three matches so far and is getting forward more than I ever remember him doing in a Villa shirt, but his woeful lack of attacking nous really kills us at times - note the moment he broke free down the left and skied his cross with utterly predictable inevitability.
  8. Well that was **** beautiful. Delighted for Wes. We are indeed back! Thanks for the reassurance Terry
  9. Agreed, although I think it suits us playing footballing sides. His Brentford style is starting to tell! Rejoice we have a team that plays football again
  10. Indeed. We might question some of his decisions, but if there's one thing he and Terry know about it's decent Central Defenders and we have two corkers!
  11. Excellent!!! This match suits Jota. We might just be finding our stride. Keep. It. Up. Villa!
  12. I frequently enjoy the realistic optimism of your posts Terry and mostly agree. In your opinion, how many consecutive losses could we sustain before your optimism started to wane?
  13. IF he flops, he wouldn't be the first striker to come with a decent reputation elsewhere, flop for us and then promptly return to form elsewhere. It's still an IF though, for now.
  14. He needs to start against Everton.
  15. I was honestly surprised by your readiness to consider dropping him so soon. Consider it a shocked laughter rather than a dismissive one if it helps.
  16. He is not immune from criticism, but it would take a lot more than he has done wrong so far for him to lose his place, in my opinion. Dropping a goalkeeper happens when they have had several consecutive howlers and it appears their head has gone. He's nowhere near that and the good he's shown is far greater than the bad in my opinion. That's why you got a lol.
  17. Sadly true. Losing becomes a demoralising, self fulfilling habit.
  18. I didn't say he was the answer, I referred to our flaccid options. He would have been an option. Doesn't look like we have any dangerous ones at the minute.
  19. The defensive left back died off in the ice age. You have to be able to do both these days. Didn't help that El Gahzi was cack again today though.
  20. He's already scored for Brighton, another lower half team and wanted to come. Our strike options look flaccid.

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