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  1. Ah, I give up. I've tried to go back on topic but you keep trying to carry it on and make matters worse so forget it.
  2. Nah, it's ok. I'm villa through and through and some of you sarcastly made your way into the thread trying to wind me up. I've rolled a Tauren Warrior. Any good?
  3. Sorry. Can't believe I got 4 months yellow for saying "MON OUT"?
  4. Ed, just because you got owned by a level 3 mage, or somebody stole your unicorn, there's no need to come on here and wet your pants. Good girl.
  5. No problem. Back in side to Mr and Mrs Lovejoy.
  6. Oh, right. "don't **** me around", saying i'm gay. Good one D1. You don't have to keep quoting me by the way, I'm right here. And er. I won't be playing on your shitty server so don't consider me as the next Lagbonlahor10! It's PvP! Lolz.
  7. That's ED, don't **** me around. Patching now.
  8. Is horde just as light as the alliance then? If so, I'll roll a Tauren something...
  9. Didn't think you played anymore Nay nay horse?
  10. I think your weird, TRL. Anywho, I am going to get this game again - buying a game card off play.com for £18 which is 2 months. I'm gonna roll alliance because I don't like the 'dark' settings etc, it dosen't make me enjoy it as much. I prefer day time and light.
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