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    Sounds good Jones! How long have you been doing that for? I'm into sourcing property for preferred investors sounds it a pretty interesting role!
  2. Mav_86


    Afternoon fellow Villians! I've just got started in a new career in property and was wondering if any other members on here were involved and what you do? It would be good to connect!
  3. Good question! Do you go with experienced, tried and tested or someone a bit left field but might be a gem? I think a word with JT might be the best port of call- knows most of the players, comes in with immediate respect, knows the goal, knows the club, be interesting to see how he goes about implementing his own team with what he has learnt over the years.
  4. No? Granted his time at the Baggies wasn't successful to say the least but he's an attacking manager. There's pros and cons to all possible replacements. Sure we could all come up with a list of 5 names- but the Brendan Rogers, Benitez's aren't going to come
  5. With compensation being an issue, if Bruce is to leave- I'd definitely have a look at Alan Pardew. Experienced, achieved promotion, plays decent attacking football and is currently looking for work.
  6. It’s a tough one, you’d imagine De Laet or Elmo will be in that position more often than not. However; playing against this Anderson will hopefully make him learn fast; get smarter.
  7. Yeah exactly this. Grealish and Kodjia look decent on the ball when we get it. Defensively though nothing to make you feel overly confident.
  8. That Anderson fella is all over Bree.....predicts everything he tries! Tough evening for him so far
  9. I agree- on the other hand you’ll have an experienced manager who has seen it all with a number of contacts in the game who by his own admission is at the biggest club he has managed. Henry- the new guy with big ideas but little experience just starting out in this particular field.
  10. Maybe they will try and please everyone......Henry in as manager and Bruce in as DoF!
  11. Just awful- yes it’s pre season but Kodjia has been offside about 5 times, Taylor has given the ball away numerous times, Adomah, Lansbury and CH all anonymous. We honestly should be at least 3-1 down
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