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  1. Definitely think this could be wrapped up today, Broad's been on fire since drinks.
  2. All out 330, 298 lead, Swann has been brilliant as was Bresnan.
  3. What do I know about cricket, eh? Could be soon though with Broad gone now too.
  4. Prior Golden dick now, might change my prediction to no more than 260 before all out/retire. Edit: just noticed my typo, not going to change it though
  5. Bell gone, reckon we might get all out for less than 275 now, which isn't too bad. Bresnan lucky to not go too.
  6. On the subject of sympathy it annoys me when on Facebook people put a status like 'rip grandad 10 years today'. Why don't they go to the graveyard or have a moments reflection rather then putting it on Facebook when it's obvious they are looking for attention for people to feel sympathy for THEM rather then the deceased I can understand if it was recent, as in within about two weeks or between death and funeral, but as you say when it's upwards of that it's obvious attention seeking. And to add to it, the stream of "r u ok?" messages that go with them. Actually, just Facebook.
  7. Think this has been mentioned earlier on in the thread, but people who give tributes to and mourn celebrities who have died via overdoses. I have sympathy for the family in that situation but have none whatsoever for the "celebrity" as they did it to themselves, and it annoys even more when people claim it was a "tragedy". Just been reminded of this as I saw a story about that guy from glee, but same goes for people like Amy Winehouse. Also when it happens to non celebrities but I've never come across some one who has lost a loved one through overdose. EDIT: Also completely unrelated, the
  8. That's ridiculous! The parents should be the only ones who have a say on what a child's name is. It opens a whole can of worms that this Judge has done this though, does that mean he lets his religious views affect other cases he deals with? Stories like this help remind me why so many people hate religion (It's one of the tamer stories though)
  9. For those of you who are interested in Rugby, I'm currently helping out at my local clubs Summer Camp for under 7's up to under 14's, and ex Tigers, Highlanders and All Black Flanker Craig Newby is coaching one of the groups, with Julian Salvi meant to be turning up during the week, plus some other current Tigers players, Matthew Tait was supposed to come but can't anymore for some reason. I'm so excited I've pretty much turned into a 6 year old. This week is going to be awesome
  10. I really think the best career move for Clark would be for him to be moved into a Defensive midfield position, maybe alongside Westwood as a left footed alternative. Don't get me wrong, he should be nowhere near starting in midfield ATM, but with a bit of training and some game time there, he could be great there (Our current standards great that is). Unfortunately he's too error prone to be at CB at the minute, but doesn't make up for it with physical/aerial ability like Baker does. In midfield his mistakes can be much less disastrous and get mopped up by Baker/Vlaar/Okore whereas at CB it le
  11. I love the way he gets in the inter players faces then realises he's meant to be "Injured" so bends over and starts to hobble. word removed. The only player I would love to see his career ended in a Roy Keane style tackle.
  12. Used one of those self service check outs earlier at Tesco and the woman in front of me decided to scan all her stuff, pay and then put it all in the bag Took about 5 minutes longer than it should've.
  13. Isn't that just the Quota system which turned so many South African sportsman from their national teams? I understand that diversity is a good thing and you shouldn't not get a job/signed due to your race, but surely the achievement of said diversity is lessened if you are only chosen due to being in a minority. Racism has no place in sport but so does having someone compete just because they're in a minority, if your not good enough your not good enough, end of.
  14. He's currently 18/1 to get Top Scorer this season, certainly worth a punt, can't believe his odds are so long, he was only fourth last season and we were absolutely awful, imagine how many he'd get now we seem to be quite a bit better.
  15. I think that's the main positive about our attack this season, if you try to double and nullify one player you leave the other open to expose the defence, and you can't double up on all three, otherwise the midfield will run riot. I'm very excited to see us next season.
  16. Usain Bolt and his "Dream" to play for Utd and his seemingly constant pleas for a trial. Just 'cause you're good at running doesn't mean you're good at football, get on with Athletics and stop begging!
  17. You state this as if it's a common occurrence. There has been one example of this that I have seen (If there are more please enlighten me) and that example was Thiago Silva who got sold in the same window as signing a contract to PSG for 42m Euros, or roughly £36m, an exceptional bid that is probably higher than the player is worth. There is no chance Benteke will leave unless Villa get ~£35-40m, and no club will pay that for a player if they weren't willing to play £25m for a month ago, unless he scores a hat-trick in all three opening games, which won't happen.
  18. Considering we were holding out ~£25m from Spurs, and he just signed a new contract, I'm certain he won't leave this window unless its for ~£30-35m +
  19. I have to admit I had no idea what the Council of Trent was, but I've never really been interested in history so didn't take it any further than year 9. Never really got taught history of religion either, just the origins of it. I do find it funny that a lot of religious people, mainly Christians, can be so condemning of everything around them and dispute scientific and historical facts, yet know so little about there own religions history.
  20. That does annoy me when someone asks if I'm christian and I reply "Yeah, i'm Catholic" to get the response of "So your not christian then?" I never quite know whether it's meant as a deliberately provocative thing, or they genuinely don't realise what Catholicism is. A lot of the time it genuinely is ignorance, I often have to tell people that all Catholics are Christians but not all Christians are Catholics, and there are different denominations within christianity. Normally to get educated in why what I know about my religion is wrong and Catholics aren't christians, althou
  21. Agreed to wear a shirt with a sponsor, he's had a change of heart, that or he's realised what a hypocrite he looks when gambling and using religion as an excuse not to wear a shirt with wonga on.
  22. That does annoy me when someone asks if I'm christian and I reply "Yeah, i'm Catholic" to get the response of "So your not christian then?"
  23. At my primary school it was just learning about religions as far as I can remember, with comparison to Catholicism and how they relate and are similar, not God created the earth 6000 years ago and that is fact, mainly because the teachers just didn't believe it, even the christian ones.
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