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Aston Villa Review: Episode 170 - Villa face pre-Christmas ups and downs

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Well damn, it's been a while ay it? We would apologise, but you know...it's free. Sod ya. We will, however, give you a reason for our absence, and that is that we are people with lives and jobs and issues. Unfortunately we've been unable to record the show for a few weeks, but we did manage to get together again on Sunday to recap what we've missed. That it's now Wednesday and we're just getting around to publishing says everything you need to know about our status at the moment.

Anyway, on with the show. This week we quickly rattle through recent games, including the end of Steve Bruce's unbeaten start at the helm, before diving into Sunday's win over Queens Park Rangers in a little more detail. With Christmas coming up we'll be away for another two weeks, but at least we knew in advance to preview what's coming up. Merry Christmas, ya filthy animals.

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    • Was a weak link still yesterday.  Wonder if we could play Elmo at right back and Adomah right wing during home games at least? 
    • Be a real shame if he left now.  Would want £10m plus for him, but who would we get to replace him now?  Snodgrass or Wilshere on loan?  Think i'd rather hang on to Hourihane if possible. 
    • But could he provide the spark we need? I think so. 
    • Shame the lad has had so many injuries, because he was obviously quality as a youngster.  Don't think we'll miss him and doubt he'll be anything but an average championship midfielder.  No ill feelings towards him whatsoever. 
    • The Birmingham Mail diasagrees with Nixon, but don't let that stop the manager bashing http://www.birminghammail.co.uk/sport/football/transfer-news/aston-villa-transfer-rumour-conor-13502578 Hourihane has been in and out of Steve Bruce’s team since arriving from Championship rivals Barnsley in January. But the Birmingham Mail understands that Villa were keen to keep Hourihane even before his winning treble yesterday.
    • If we need another centre half, what about Aden Flint?  Snatch him before he moves to the unwashed and piss Arry right off too .   Not too fussed by Snodgrass, but Gallagher could prove useful to us surely. 
    • I think we decided tbfh    It's for the best. I haven't seen many players as out of his depth as he was sadly.
    • I think the Pride Rewards scheme was supposed to start initially for the start of the season, then for the start of August, the last thing I can find on any of the clubs main communication channels is from the 3rd August which said it would start "next week" - there are some good ideas in it I think, and some good ideas in a few areas at the club - but this season has come a little suddener than they seem to have prepared for.  
    • You see the same thing when it came to very loud and verbal Corbyn supporters on here when it came to the Charlottesville thing. Usually they are the first to judge people when it comes to "not condemning" fascists, however when it comes to Corbyn condemning one of his friends in Maduro who is murdering protesters left right and centre the focus goes to "Corbyn shouldn't have to condemn anyone, he's not Maduro". It's not always easy to try to convert the choir, but I think you are making a good case Blandy. Corbyn talks to IRA, Hamas, socialist militias, M-19, Hezbollah = good! He's engaging.  Corbyn doesn't want to talk to Maduro or comment = good! He shouldn't have to condemn something he's not part of! Headscratcher? In fact, when Trump condemns all sides in a violent brawl it's bad. When Corbyn said “What I condemn is the violence that’s been done by any side, by all sides, in all this. Violence is not going to solve the issue." when a socialist government is murdering demonstrators it's okay, though. It's extremely hypocritical. 
    • I don't think you can yet can you?