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Aston Villa Review: Episode 170 - Villa face pre-Christmas ups and downs

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Well damn, it's been a while ay it? We would apologise, but you know...it's free. Sod ya. We will, however, give you a reason for our absence, and that is that we are people with lives and jobs and issues. Unfortunately we've been unable to record the show for a few weeks, but we did manage to get together again on Sunday to recap what we've missed. That it's now Wednesday and we're just getting around to publishing says everything you need to know about our status at the moment.

Anyway, on with the show. This week we quickly rattle through recent games, including the end of Steve Bruce's unbeaten start at the helm, before diving into Sunday's win over Queens Park Rangers in a little more detail. With Christmas coming up we'll be away for another two weeks, but at least we knew in advance to preview what's coming up. Merry Christmas, ya filthy animals.

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    • Was at Aston Uni yesterday, looking at ways to bring the club and the university closer together. It seems like an obvious thing to do, yet for lord knows how long we have ignored our potential markets. At our obvious peril.  Every time he's over here he's meeting with fans, business officials, visiting universities. He's always looking for opportunities, trying to embed himself and the club into the community and increase our reach. I think he's absolutely brilliant and right now he's the best thing to happen to the club in decades.  Long may it continue. 
    • It seems from what I read that it could take up to 4 years before any punishment is dished out if it ever is - it's a long drawn out process and appeals can also be held so those hoping Newcastle miss out on promotion are going to be disappointed.
    • Maybe you're right in terms of outcome but this is fairly silly break down LOL. 
    • Here's one of my screens i put up the other day from my Torino save... on the right hand side there... I think i would like to do one that starts at Djurgardens, moves somehow to Copenhagen and onto Villa..... in just two jumps...  That would take a lot of seasons I think! Plus, in games like that, the job you want comes available but "its not the right time" to take it! annoying... then if you dont take it, that person could end up being in the job for years. Hmmmnnnn i think i like the sound of the challenge. Me i will start a new one tonight.... hopefully i dont get fed up at the start. I'll def be using my tactic i posted too!  Yeah i agree with Dante, start a new one @Villan_of_oz !  
    • Dennis Moore? Does he like lupins?
    • Maximum "respect" for the Donnie Darko gif
    • Hey bud, hope the hols were great. As for your Q, that's for you to decide... 12 games in and 7 points is not good but very very recoverable. Interesting situation there is, who's with you / who's against you. Situations like that really show who's who in the team.  Me though, i am all OCD about the starts. I like a million things done before I even press continue.  All this talk of starting new ones, I am thinking of starting one too. Might do a Djurgardens IF (of Stockholm) and work my way up to Serie / England Premier League. Maybe. Like Dante Lockheart said though, sometimes you like to start, then get drawn back into your old save. And Terjei said this too indirectly. It is a big effort, starting again. Especially when the time you;ve spent in the other savegame you dont want to turn your back on. With mine a good 11-12 seasons +   
    • Start a new one.        
    • more psychotic abuse from the tories again over Corbyn. Charming. full on american attack mode this. For someone apparently so far behind in the polls it seems remarkably unnecessary. Boris with the latest invective today. What a depressing campaign this is going to be. That Cosby chaps influence - or just the inherent nature of the party themselves anyway?