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Aston Villa Review: Episode 169 - Villa win to extend unbeaten run

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Aston Villa's modest but essential revival under Steve Bruce continued this past weekend with a 3-1 home victory against Cardiff City. Albert Adomah, Jonathan Kodjia and Rudy Gestede scored the goals as Villa overcame a setback at 1-0 up to dodge the swinging boots of the opposition and bag three more vital points.

Luckily for Villa, Jack Grealish getting booted up and down the field isn't enough to knock the team off course at the moment. In this week's show we talk about Grealish's performance along with those of James Chester, Jonathan Kodjia and others, and assess the overall afternoon's work. Next up is a trip to Leeds United, previewed briefly within.

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    • It's not going to happen, the lad culture surrounding away days is getting worse, social media is all over it as for accepting it, I'm not saying that you should but at the same time I'm saying I don't know how you stop it without it being detrimental to football and yeah from my experience it is true, we didn't trash Hamburg (Ajax did) but we sang ten German bombers in the town, on the train and in the ground, last year Everton trashed Lille, Chelsea trashed paris, half of it isn't even reported anymore 
    • That is slightly different though isn’t it. Some people judge a whole religion based on the actions of a tiny minority of extremists and vile nut jobs. When people judge Trump they do so from a distance but they are judging one man on his very public actions. You made a great point yesterday Tony with regard to when the IRA were bombing London and Birmingham and we didn’t persecute Irish people or Catholics we understood that is was a tiny minority of extremists/nut jobs and we didn’t expect every Catholic or Irish person we came into contact with to apologise for them. 99.999 % of people who follow the Islam faith will be absolutely sick to the stomach at what these people are doing in the name of their religion and I don’t need them to tell me that and if others do then they need to have a word with themselves. One very low level solution to help with all this is better integration and we can all help with that. I have friend at work with children of 4 and 6 and they have never met a Muslim. I was in Bridgnorth last weekend and didn’t come across one person who was ethnic. There are vast swathes of this country that either white people don’t venture into or vice versa that ethnics aren’t seen in. That in itself leads to an unrealistic fear and a tendency to judge based on very little. I know people a generation or two above me and they still fear a Paki moving onto their street and would have kittens if one moved in next door. I am not sure what point I am trying to make here but I think it is that whilst the Muslim community can do more I think I would rather see it as that we can all do more to get to know each other and understand each other better, leading to much greater integration.
    • Those Villa fans need to grow up as well.
    • Is that actually true? I don't constantly read reports about Arsenal fans trashing Munich or singing ten German bombers every year when they draw Bayern.  And even if it is true, just because 'it's a huge part of English football' doesn't mean that we should like it, or just shrug our shoulders and say, 'well, what can you do? It's a huge part of English football after all'. 
    • I see it as a way to play with 2 strikers and have landbury, hourihane and Jedinak all on the pitch. 
    • How? Like or not every club team in the country has that lad element of their away support, villa has it, make no doubt about it if villa were playing Dortmund we would be in that square drinking, we would trash it, we would boo the anthem, we would sing ten German bombers  it's a huge part of English football
    • Years a go there was a website called speak you're branes that trawled have your say for the most idiotic comments, it was gold. Loved it so much. 
    • Personally I think Sterling only runs more than before, end product is still terrible.
    • Yeah definitely. I'd say only de Bruyne and maybe Silva have been better.  As for passes, he's only 0.2% worse than de Bruyne!