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The politics of kids football


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Ive long since stopped worrying about the loyalty of premiership footballers - to varying degrees money talks.


I am appalled at what has happened to my sons sunday league - the backstabbing and double dealing wouldn't be out of place in eastenders or Dallas


Basically one of the parents - wanted to set up his own team (within the club) - he was allowed to do so on the understanding he wouldn't poach any existing players. Which days after the season ended - he did.


Then at the club awards ceromony - a couple of players, were approached by dads of other clubs and encouraged to move to another club.


The end result - only around 7 kids turned to the next training session - and reluctantly the decision was taken to not field a team for next season. My young son was devasted, - and felt the pain of manager who for no salary had put in many hours - training the kids - and organising things to make the season run smoothly......


Apparently this sort of thing goes on a lot. Terrible, especially considering than none of the kids are likley to ever become pro's - they just want to play football on a sunday afternoon



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agree with BOF ..that sucks


I played for a fairly decent kids team way way back .. I joined them when I was 6 and played for them until I was 16 in the end


When I was 14 a similar thing happened in that Virginia Water wanted to take us lock stock and barrel to become their team , the idea being some of us would push through and be ready for their first team over the coming years ...


I didn't like the way it was handled so I refused to go and stayed with the existing team , only 1 other stayed alongside me  ...


We had to start a new team and needless to say we got spanked every week but I don't regret staying , I stayed true to what I believed was the correct thing to do ... one of my ex team mates made it Brighton and 1 to Fulham , but truth be told I was never in their league so it's not like I blew my chance ... and I get to say I saved a penalty from Ian Selly and David Howells  in my playing  days  .. not many can say that :-)

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Things seem so much easier in Czech. I grew up in a small town called Velke Bilovice and I played for the cities' youth teams until I got old/good enough to play for the first team squad. Pretty much children start when they can kick a football and they keep advancing until they either quit, get told they are not good enough, or break into the first team. It was a lot of fun and it was pretty serious. We'd travel around Czech playing other small towns and every home match, a decent bit of fans would even come watch the children play. 


It's a shame that Velke Bilovice's first team is in the 4th or 5th division of the Czech league now. My whole family at some point has played for the first team and came through the youth squads. 

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