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Easter in Como (hoping that the NEXT GENeration is better than the previous)


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It's well known that if you are not a glory hunter Villa is the club n° 1 in the world, and if you are (glory hunter) you have chosen the wrong team 
At Villa we won't win many trophies but surely we don't risk to annoy.
First of all, we are not arrogant. 
We don't want to buy the best players in order to win easy. Where Liverpool have Coutinho, we have Barry Bannan, where they have Gerrard, we have Sylla. 
It's so exciting. . . 
And we always give a hope to our opponents. Every game we have 15 minutes of complete black out (normally in the second half) in which our manager fells asleep, the players limit to belt the ball clear, and the opponents smell the blood, they know that they can score one, two, or three goals, it is all (and only) a question of time.
This is the main reason why managers like Alex Ferguson are so glad to play at Villa Park.  
And we also are a charitable institution: we go all around the world, for instance to Holland, we pick two players, one CM and one CD, that are depressed because in Italy wouldn't play even in Fourth Division, and we tell them: "hey mates, we make your dreams to come true, you are in Premier League now.
Mister Vlaar, let me introduce to you to el Senor  Suarez.        
Mister El Ahmadi, the ball is that white or yellow spherical  object, you can even try to hit it".
But in the Next Gen Series all change.
In that competition, you really have a good team, some promising players, for instance a gifted and tricky winger like Jack Grealish, and a midfielder that knows the art to pass the ball like Samir Carruthers.
So, you can't miss  the fantastic occasion to follow the boys in claret and blue in a beautiful small city, Como, laid on the banks of a lake with  excellent wineries, to see the Next Gen Series Semi finals.
Como have an old, maybe decadent, but  proper english-style football ground 
With the Villa staff attending Arsenal Chelsea.
The prospective from  the bench.
Tactics repetition before the start of the extra times (ok, they only said: "come on" and "calm down", Lambert docet).
After the game, with the MOM Jack Grealish, the new hero.
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Props to heading to Como. 


Wish they'd had the all English final somewhere in England though - would have got a much better turn out from fans of both clubs. 


Nonetheless, HUGE win for the Young lions and I'm really excited what they can bring to Villa in the near future. 

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