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Speculation : Robin Dutt New Villa Manager ??


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Even though I know exactly nothing about him, for me he is way ahead of:

Grayson, Southgate, McCarthy, Gregory, in fact everyone we've been linked with except:

Lambert, OGS, Martinez and AVB.

The major thing he has going for him will be that the fans won't be thinking "Oh ffs, I can't believe we've screwed up again and signed this eejit", which would describe most of the rumoured candidates.

Gareeeeeeth?! Where are youuuuuuuu?

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look at his record in germany its awful. he is as bad as someone liek southgate

Nonsense. His record in Germany is excellent, apart from his last job, which he was sacked from after taking the club from 2nd the previous season to 6th. As far as I can see he did well everywhere else.

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