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A couple yanks


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Hey all,

I am coming to the UK for the first time, I'm a 23 year old American footballer who has loved the villa for quite a while, haven't missed a match on tv in a few seasons.

Just wondering if I should buy rail tickets for this match from London now as they seem pretty expensive. Are there ever buses or carpools organized on here? I'll be traveling with one or two other young American football fans and we would cover all fuel and beer costs. Sorry for my ignorance in regards to how all this works. Any insight would be great as I want to get this figured out asap.

Thanks a lot,


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If you search for trains from Marylebone to Birmingham Moor Street you will get it much cheaper (Moor Street is very close to New Street and Marylebone is on the tube easy from central London)

just checked here and you can get train up to Brum for £12.50 in the morning and the train back to London for £5 at 19.09 or 19.45

EDIT or you could get the megabus from London Victoria at 8.30 am for £5 up to Birmingham.

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