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Sunday November 27th 2011 – 1:30pm kick-off

Barclays Premier League

Liberty Stadium, Swansea

Ticket Allocation - 2,043

Ticket Prices

£35 [adults]

£17.50 [over 65s]

£17.50 [under 16s]

£17.50 [full-time students]

Sale Dates

Wednesday October 19th: On sale to 2011/12 Season Card Holders who attended 3+ Away fixtures in the 2010/11 season*

Wednesday October 26th: On sale to 2011/12 Season Card Holders *

Wednesday November 2nd: On sale to supporters who have Away Booking History*

Wednesday November 9th: On sale to supporters with Aston Villa Booking History*

*maximum one seat per booking

Remember to supply one client reference per seat to build up booking history

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crap allocation

That's the most they give anyone mate it's only a small stadium we're not being short-changed.

ah right thought it was a bigger ground than that and that we would get 2500 maybe

It holds 20,500 so away fans are given about 10% of capacity I guess. I'll be going anyway another ground to tick off quite looking forward to it. I imagine a fair few will head there on the Saturday.

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Just a quick, desparate plea. If anyone out there is on the away scheme and can't go, I am desparately wanting three tickets for this game. It's where my old man is from and we have been wishing for the day Villa play in Swansea for years. Year after year we have been watching the FA Cup draw with baited breath only to be disappointed with yet another tie against Man Utd. But finally it is happening. And typically it would be the first year that we had to give up our season tickets that Swansea secure promotion.

I'm not holding out much hope but if there is anyone who might not be wanting to use up one of their away scheme returns, then please contact me as I'd love to be able to take my Dad back to his old stomping ground and watch a game against the Villa.

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