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Scientific Experiment #2


What to do with DOL?  

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  1. 1. What to do with DOL?

    • Keep Him
    • Get Rid

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Quick one, no discussion needed. Based on current feelings only, should he stay or go?

This is a continuation from the previous similar poll, so don't take this personally and don't assume I want DOL out. In theory, this thread needn't get any replies... :)

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With the restrictions placed on DOL, no manager will be able to do better. When the players whose services he was asked to retain are sent back, when he is not backed when he requires certain positions strengthening (defence) then the names mooted, eg Hitzfeld, Le Guen, Hiddink, will do no better.

Hitzfeld won the CL with two clubs: Bayern Munich and Leverkeusen? He wasn't exactly short of cash either. Until the source of all problems is removed, getting rid of the current manager is only a temporary solution, we will be back to square one in a couple of years.

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