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EL: Rapid Vienna h 2009/08/27 Ratings & Reactions


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I found the match quite frustrating, Milner and Young had a habit of holding onto the ball one touch too long and as a result missing an opportunity to get a ball into the box which, with Carew and Heskey in there, would have been my first option. Saying that, they certainly kept the pressure up, Milner edging it in the points scoring for me.

Delph looks like an absolute talent, but went missing for periods of the game and there were far too many points during the match where there was nobody in central midfield which meant it was easy for Rapid to get the ball forward.

Carew - lovely goal, but a lazy sod to boot. Late on in the game he was walking round like it didn't really matter. Yes it bloody did!

Overall the atmosphere was great and absolutely no booing as far as I can remember! Out of Europe maybe, but a win is a win and let's hope the run can be maintained v Fulham tomorrow.

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