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Villa Shirts for Childrens Orphanage


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4 hours ago, MikeMcKenna said:

Mods, Apologies in advance - please move if this should be elsewhere.


Hi All,

In January my wife is going to work for ten days at an orphanage in Sattenapalle in Andhra Pradesh, India.

When the boys (10 - 16 years old) were asked what they would like from the UK, they all said 'football shirts'.

If you have any old Villa shirts for children that you would be happy to donate, please send them  to my company:

All you need to do is put  my company's Freepost address: FREEPOST, EUREKA on the envelope exactly as shown and it will get to me.

(No postage needed and you do not need put my name on envelope.)

Please DM if you can help.

A number of our staff have already donated several for other clubs and my wife  will obviously be taking photos which I will submit when she returns


Mike UTV!

Does training gear count ?

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On 19/11/2018 at 13:35, Michelsen said:

I’m in the middle of moving to a new house and I’m sure there are a few shirts in a box somewhere. Both Villa and others. Can I send them to you from Norway?

Yes Michelsen, That would be great - Thank you!

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