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Deloitte Money League 2014


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Shows how disastrous the Glazers ownership has been for Man U. They were easily first when they took over. With decent owners they could've dominated English football for years.


thats debatable 


,if you look at the growth of utd under the glazers under isolation then its still ridiculous what they've achieved, the official utd statement is that bayern are 3rd purely on the CL, which looking below im assuming that prize money comes under commercial, compare them to barca and its only the tv deal barca benefit from, utds matchday revenue is still the highest




interestingly PSG have just set the record for highest annual commercial income, largely due to their ridiculous sponsorship deal that was soemhow allowed to be backdated

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United in something of a false position too as those figures don't account for the massively improved TV deal which started in 2013/14 and United also have pending renewals of some fairly major sponsorships.  They should overtake Munich again next year and in reality they are probably ahead of them today. 


It will be interesting* to see what 2015/16 is like assuming they fail to qualify for the Champions League in 2014/15 though.  





* and by that I mean potentially hilarious if it starts an unrecoverable tailspin. 

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