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my dad has prostate cancer


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My Grandad has just been diagnosed with prostate cancer for the third time last week, at the age of 91. He's beaten in twice in his 80's and he will give this a bloody go as well!

If I was cancer I'd give up. He sounds like a tough old cookie :-) Best of luck to him.


Thanks BOF. He's in good spirits and commented that he survived WWII so no cancer is going to beat him!  :)

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Damn illness. I recall the day my uncle found out he has this thing. The exact day his 3rd grandchild has a Brith. Quite a sad celebration is was... It was a fierce battle, but unfortunately, he lost it.


Still, this is the time to be positive and rally the family together. As many suggested - this it a more treatable kind of cancer and hopefully your dad will emerge victorious. Not an easy task, not to him nor the family - but it's doable.


All the best. Stay positive, as much as possible...

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