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  1. That sounds like the best option - thanks. I'm assuming my current username will already be taken but that going back to the apostrophe will cause problems. If this is the case, would you re-inserting the apostrophe into my current username allow me to select my current username (without the apostrophe) - if that makes sense? Sorry for all the hassle.
  2. Thank you - but unfortunately not. I even used ccleaner to completely wipe any opera data and tried a browser i'd never used before - microsoft edge, and tried a broswer on my work pc (to which I'm remotely connected) that i'd never used for villa talk - chrome. Still the same login problem, still gives an error if i try and link to my twitter account but weirdly, it now accepts my password to get into the account security section.
  3. That would be great if you could do that please! I login (or fail to!) by email address anyway. Cheers
  4. I don't have a smart phone . The only one of those I have is twitter - I tried to link it in settings but it said an error occurred. Don't worry for now, I think I won't be posting that regularly anyway.
  5. I don't disagree, but it would still be better than what has been done so far, which is to "force" Jack to donate money by means of a fine. Even if it's easy for someone, it could still do a lot of good.
  6. You are allowed to go out and get food!
  7. Conor McGregor (who I still don't care for) recently donated 1 million euros to Irish Hospitals to fight covid-19 - that would be 10 weeks wages for Jack.
  8. You only self-isolate when you have symptoms. He broke the new lockdown rules, which is illegal: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-52053527
  9. More "snowflakes" in Italy: https://nationalpost.com/news/world/intentional-murder-careless-covid-19-spreaders-in-italy-could-face-homicide-charges
  10. Ever since I joined this site over a year ago, I have had the following problem: Whenever I return to the site, I am logged out. When I try to log in again, it says my password is incorrect. The only way for me to get back in again is to reset my password. I have tried deleting the internet cache and cookies and this doesn't help. I have encountered this problem on internet explorer, firefox and opera. Edit: I've just tried to go into the "account security" section under account settings, which requires a password, and it even says my password/username combo is wrong then, even though I'm already logged in. Thanks in advance for any help!
  11. What do you mean it's not illegal? https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-52053527
  12. My wife is a nurse, who is already working with possible Covid-19 patients, but because she used to work in intensive care, will probably be re-deployed there soon. Every day in the news, there is some nurse or doctor ever here in this country who is seriously ill with the disease or died, and I am worrying each day about what could happen to my wife. I really don't care whether morons who break the new rules get Covid-19, but I care that next, while asymptomatic, these morons will then start passing it onto every other person they come into contact with. Some of these people will die. And some of these people will be in intensive care beds. And if those beds are full, then people will start to die from other causes, such as heart attacks, strokes and car accidents because there are no intensive care beds. Even more galling, some of the beds will be taken up by some of the aforementioned morons, who are happy enough to put themselves at risk of getting the virus in the first place, but will likely not be gallant enough to accept the consequences of their decisions and decline treatment when they become seriously ill. If this is true about Jack, then I have gone from feeling sick about him going to feeling sick about having to watch him play for Villa again - and really hoping we can sell him, because I don't see how I can ever clap or cheer him again or celebrate one of his goals (although VAR has sort of fixed that last one anyway). I don't care if he was drinking or taking drugs or what cars he smashed or didn't smash (edit: unless he was drink/drug-driving). What I do care about, is that based on the current evidence, it appears that he is one of the morons who thinks it's ok to spread Covid-19. To me, people who break the current Government rules are murderers - it just takes 2-3 weeks for the bullet to hit the victim.
  13. What SAMATTA you, HEY! You gotta no defence! He's gonna score again, HEY! Maybe with his head Or maybe with his feet or Maybe with his chest It doe-SAMATTA mate!
  14. What about this for Luiz? La-la-la-la, lalalalalala Lewwww-eeze LUIZ! to the tune of: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lpayJn3Ch5M
  15. Well you aren't missing something and you (sort of) are. Yes, it is technically an old term for MTSS, but as the article I quoted explains, it has unfortunately been frequently given out as a diagnosis to anyone with shin pain with little effort to diagnose the cause of that shin pain - e.g. compartment syndrome vs MTSS vs tibial stress fracture. So it has incorrectly become a collective term for shin pain - and hence, I suspect, why so many people on here have either been diagnosed with "shin splints" or know someone who has. The reason it matters is that these conditions, their consequences, and their treatment are different. For example, if you carry on playing with MTSS or chronic compartment syndrome, it will just hurt. Carry on playing with a stress fracture of the middle third of the anterior tibial cortex and you will suddenly find your foot pointing at your arse.
  16. This paper explains that as far back as the 80s, it was recommended that the term "shin splints" be discontinued. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4573502/ "In the late 1960s and during the 1970s, advancements in nuclear medicine techniques led to the development of Triple Phase Bone Scintigraphy (TPBS), or nuclear bone scans, as a diagnostic tool. The technique enables inflammation and increased bone metabolism to be visualised after injection of a radioisotope and could be used in conjunction with a clinical diagnosis for positive identification of MTSS, or shin splint syndrome as it was then still called. However, despite these advances, the term “shin splints” was still being used as a generic expression for general pain in the tibia and for various lower limb injuries such as compartment syndrome. For this reason, the term “MTSS” was coined in the early 1980s[6] and was subsequently adopted by nuclear medicine experts[7,8] as well as some researchers and clinicians. In the 1980s, a number of nuclear medicine studies led to more specific diagnostic criteria for MTSS. This included identifying the appearance of MTSS on nuclear bone scans, which consisted of an elongated uptake of radionuclide, visually seen as a “double stripe” pattern, differing from the localised fusiform pattern characteristic of a TSF[7-10]. This was later followed by studies where tibial stress injuries were identified and classified using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), which has the advantage of depicting periosteal and bone marrow oedema[11,12]. However, despite these studies and more recent research into the aetiology of the injury, MTSS, but more commonly the term “shin splints”, is sometimes still used as a generic expression for tibial pain; however, this is gradually changing as the mechanisms of the injury are further understood."
  17. I am so pleased that someone has said this because it is absolutely correct.
  18. This feels like when King and Bernstein left the Club (I know they resigned) - or when Axl Rose sacked every other member of Guns n Roses.
  19. I don't anticipate that I will post very often but occasionally I would like to, and this forum seems to be a much nicer atmosphere than the other Villa forum I visit.
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