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  1. These are the games that will define Villa's season so really can't afford to take nothing from this despite only being the second game.
  2. Engels, Ming's and Heaton looked Premiership class while McGinn faded badly in the second half. Also liked the look of Luiz when he came on but Grealish needs a massive boot up the arse for losing possession where he did while I'm still not impressed by Wesley who for his physic is at the moment powder puff. Ultimately Villa were outclassed but then again it was always going to be difficult building a new team in the Premier League and playing the CL runners up in their new stadium.
  3. Agreed. Just needs to be more aware of those around him instead of trying to constantly beat 2-3 players and going for the spectacular even though he has the skill to do it.
  4. striker

    Keinan Davis

    What I’ve seen of Davis he has a better first touch than Tammy which is why the manager didn’t farm him out on loan. I have every confidence in the manager’s coaching ability therefore to improve Davis’s weaknesses and along with O’Hare Villa will have two top young Premiership players to be proud of.
  5. Those bugs from Starship Troopers obviously like a bargain. I was hoping Villa might be looking a little more than that??
  6. First look at Villa this season as I watched most of the game. The way transfer fees are going Jota and Heaton look excellent signings and the back four were comfortable on the ball. Really the only signing I'm not sure of yet is Wesley who looked short of the quality needed to be the figurehead of a team hoping to compete and survive in the Premier League. First touch not great while his movement needs to dramatically improve. Kodjia looked much more dangerous in his cameo but it's only one game so hopefully Wesley will get better with more time on the pitch. However, it would be wise to purchase another forward as Hogan won't cut it and Davis might be on his way?
  7. Not sure Chester has another full season at the top level in him so there could be room for Tuanzebe but as stated earlier only with an option to buy.
  8. striker

    Tom Heaton

    Great signing by the Villa and two fingers shown to clubs who thought they’d take Villa to the cleaners over extortionate fees.
  9. Haven’t seen this guy play so no idea how good he is. I just hope for Villa’s sake he doesn’t turn out to be another Salifou.
  10. It’s more than likely a bullshit rumour if you consider the source but 50m wouldn’t be enough. By January when the top six have gotten a good look at him he will be worth more.
  11. Sorry to hear that sne. Where are you going?

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