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  1. striker

    John Terry

    I am a Villa & Everton fan. I support both teams. Terry must have some input into Villa defensively so if you consider the stats and where Villa have been defensively all season then why would you want him as manager?
  2. striker

    John Terry

    Please no. Part of the problem at the moment. Both need to go. Would rather let my cat scratch my bollocks than have Terry as manager at the Villa.
  3. striker

    Dean Smith

    Smith is doing exactly that to Villa’s best player.
  4. striker

    Dean Smith

    Pretty much this. I’ve been shocked at Smith’s refusal to give more of the U23s a chance. You only have to look at what Lampard is doing at Chelsea. I’m not saying that Villa’s younger players are on par with Chelsea’s but surely to goodness they can’t be much worse than Villa’s current midfielders? Most managers are stubborn to change but Smith is going to take Villa down if he doesn’t.
  5. striker

    Dean Smith

    I think anyone new coming in now would have to be on a temporary contract so that options would be left open until the summer.
  6. Been watching Grealish closely over recent games and noted one of the reasons why he's becoming less effective. When receiving the ball he is more often than not playing with his back to goal so his first reaction is to lay the ball off backwards or to the sides rather than being progressive with it. Playing wide doesn't help with that as he can't run into channels beating the FB for pace so he's coming too deep to receive the ball to feet. Look at how Leicester utilizes Madison by normally receiving the ball fronting on to the opposition's goal with head up and looking for the forward pass. When Jack was at his best Smith had him playing behind the striker and doing exactly this. I think Smith has put Jack out wide to get more quality crosses in for Samatta but how often have you seen Jack do this lately? He just isn't a winger and never will be. I'd be inclined to return Jack to the middle where he is much more effective and comfortable while also having a word in his ear about positioning his body better to receive the ball going forward instead of backwards. His teammates would also have to be made aware of that when passing to him.
  7. striker

    Dean Smith

    Totally delusional in his post match interview.
  8. No shots on target from a team that is, and I use the word lightly, fighting relegation. No cohesion from the back through the middle and indeed upfront. No obvious game plan. Jack out wide is a total waste of a gifted player. Only Norwich has a worse goal ratio and the players look totally unmotivated to me. Relegation written all over that performance. Smith & Terry have to go.
  9. Mings smiling like a Cheshire Cat. **** off you rocket polisher. Should be holding his head in shame like the other Villa players for that last 35 minute performance. DS needs to get into him for that. Roy Keane would have thumped him. Grealish been poor again as well when the team needs him to step up. If that performance is replicated in the second half then DS needs to go.
  10. Can’t believe this is the same Villa team that played the first ten minutes. Literally went to pot.
  11. I swear to God Villa’s defence is a complete mess. Going down as it is.
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