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  1. Interested to see several posters stating what Villa can and can't afford this window. Unless they have a direct line to the club then no-one really knows what Villa's budget is this window. 9m has already been spent on a striker with another forward coming in according to Smith.
  2. striker

    Pepe Reina

    Looks like a leader to me with a winning mentality.
  3. It’s just a hunch really but I think Villa are definitely in for Bowen as he could play anywhere across the front 3 and has more goals in him than Villa’s current wingers.
  4. I think Bruce was quoted somewhere in the rags stating that he had tried to buy Hogan prior to becoming manager at Villa.
  5. While its very disappointing that Villa won't have Samatta for the game against Watford it's a great opportunity for Vassilev to stake his claim for the forward position. That is, if Smith starts him??
  6. striker

    Dean Smith

    What has been most disappointing for me so far when Smith was given the job at Villa I expected to see Villa implement a style play mirroring Brentford. That really hasn’t materialised yet and why I was surprised to see Wesley signed instead of Maupay. In fact Villa’s recruitment this summer was very un-Brentford like with players coming in who have shown less than decent technical ability on the ball. I’m also at pains to understand Grealish being played on the wing when Villa are crying out for someone able to keep possession in midfield and pass the ball. Villa have also been consistently poor defensively which means that Terry hasn’t been able to transfer his ability as a player to the coaching side of things and Smith hasn’t been able to correct that himself either. However I’m still fairly confident that despite the above and the signing of two more strikers Smith will have enough to keep Villa up in what from sixth downwards is a fairly average Premier League.
  7. Have never seen him play but Phil Thompson on Soccer Saturday said he wasn’t a bad player at all so for the stated fee looks to be a decent acquisition.
  8. It was clear before McGinn’s injury that he needed a rest but as another poster pointed out, an under power McGinn is still better than what Villa currently have in midfield. I’m in no doubt therefore that when McGinn comes back again after a rest he will be firing on all cylinders. Villa have missed him.
  9. Not sure it’s lack of focus it’s just that he isn’t very good. Would have liked to see Hayes given a chance rather than sent out on loan and indeed O’Hare.
  10. striker

    Dean Smith

    Pretty much this. Always felt that Villa were promoted a year too early. Its very difficult to get a new team to gel quickly especially in the Premiership and when you consider injuries to key players then Villa were always going to struggle this season. Furthermore, bringing new players in this month is also going to exacerbate the current situation further unless those players hit the ground running. Probably why Villa have signed players this window that have already played in the Premiership. I would guess that's one of the reasons why Villa haven't signed a striker yet as they're looking for one with Premiership experience and Premiership clubs are either reluctant to sell or asking astronomical fees. Considering the above even though Smith has made mistakes this season (all managers do) I do not think it wise to sack the manager so late in the window.
  11. striker

    Pepe Reina

    Villa’s new owners must have paid a fortune to get Man Citeh’s manager to join Villa.
  12. Not sure I’d want him picked for England yet. Perfect situation for him to be tapped up.
  13. striker

    Dean Smith

    I’ve noted the manager continually getting it in the neck over the past few weeks concerning Villa’s defensive capabilities and maybe it’s warranted but what about John Terry? Clearly Terry has been employed as defensive coach yet has mainly escaped criticism. Smith is not noted for his defensive organisation hence why Terry was employed to help out so Terry must also be answerable to Villa’s present woes but you cannot blame either for player’s basic mistakes. What is most worrying for me is Villa being far too easy to play through aside from the game against Leicester and particularly ball retention which at this moment in time is awful.
  14. Why would relegation deflate a player's value when he's already proven to be one of the outstanding talents in the Premiership? Imagine Smith going back to Brentford with we'll offer you 10m for Benrahma because he's a Championship player? Brentford would certainly reply with that emoji you've posted.
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