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  1. striker

    Ratings & Reactions: Villa v Swansea

    Girls Aloud? It will take more time but I'm in no doubt as I've stated before DS will promote Villa this season with some of the best football Villa fans will have seen in many a year.
  2. striker

    Dean Smith

    I thought Draper was a super player until injury. Ferguson tried to sign him but Draper chose Villa instead. Remember Fergie saying Draper was the difference when Villa beat Manchester 3-1. Draper free of injury could have been as good as Gaza and I can just imagine the freedom he would have gotten under Villa’s new manager Smith. Those type of players aren’t coming through anymore. Tony Currie was another that comes to mind plus Hoddle and Brooking.
  3. striker

    Micah Richards

    Yep most have been saying that for ages.
  4. striker

    Scott Hogan

    My thoughts exactly. DS won't suddenly revert to Bruceball. He will carry on in the same vain when at Brentford so we'll find out pretty quickly whether Hogan is indeed crap or starts to repeat his goalscoring form at his previous club, if selected?
  5. striker

    Dean Smith

    Although needing time to implement his own ideas there's enough attacking quality in the Villa squad for Smith & Terry to go one better and get Villa promoted this season. Through Terry's coaching, the back four will become more solid while the players Villa have through the middle and going forward are well used to more attacking football at their previous clubs.
  6. striker

    Dean Smith

    Very happy to see Smith become manager of Villa. Now we’ll see Villa play some better football with the attacking players allowed to express themselves freely on the pitch. Movement coupled with those nice little triangles will let Villa play through teams more something which Bruce could only achieve in a colouring in book. I would further suggest that the end is nigh for several players such as Jedinak, Whelan, Hutton and indeed Richards who will never fit into the new philosophy coming into the club. Unless the new keeper improves then that position will also be addressed in January as will CB and possibly both FB positions. In addition U23s will be given more of a chance to stake their claim in the 1st team with a clear pass and move culture instigated throughout the playing side of the club. This will take time of course so Villa fans will again have to show patience. The difference this time though will be that Villa now have a manager who epitomises the way Villa fans want to see their team play. Smith is the right manager to develop that.
  7. striker

    New Manager Speculation

    Go the whole hog and get Clint Eastwood in.
  8. striker

    New Manager Speculation

    For me Rodgers is the most outstanding candidate considering how the fans want Villa to play and where Villa want to be by the end of the season. However while Henry is an exciting prospect due to what he has achieved as a player I do believe it is a risk too far for Villa at this time. I’d much prefer Rodgers coming in with his preferred back up team with JT lending a hand as defensive coach. That setup for me would insure Villa being promoted then securing status in the Premier League the following season.
  9. striker

    New Manager Speculation

    If true I thought they’d be looking more. I’d be snapping their hand off at that.
  10. striker

    New Manager Speculation

    Domestically that’s exactly what Villa are looking for at the minute. Europe can wait until back in the Premiership.
  11. striker

    New Manager Speculation

    Bruce also brought in quality players to the club and look how that turned out. The focus must be on a manager who knows what he is doing with a set pattern of play in mind.
  12. striker

    New Manager Speculation

    Why not promote from within and give Delaney the job until the end of season. He’d bring several of the young players through while playing in the same way that Smith would which the Villa fans want. Someone mentioned Conte earlier. That’s also a decent shout if gettable. He would shake the whole foundations at Villa Park while taking no shit from the players.
  13. striker

    New Manager Speculation

    I honestly think there’s been a lot going on in the background with Bruce having the look of a dead man walking over the past few weeks.
  14. striker

    New Manager Speculation

    Looking at Villa’s current squad it would suit the way Moyes likes to play on the counter attack and he would have Villa more organised and balanced. He would also get the best out of what’s available and give the younger players a chance to shine. So I don’t think a Moyes appointment would be an unmitigated disaster when you also consider the impact on FFP. That being said I’d much prefer Villa employing a more progressive style of manager like Rodgers for instance but Celtic would be looking for an extortionate compensation package.
  15. striker

    New Manager Speculation

    Could be worse. I’m sure Ian Dowie would take the job.