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  1. striker

    Dean Smith

    Yeah even Beckham went on loan to Preston. Nobody wanted him either.
  2. striker

    Dean Smith

    Well for a start I don’t think you should gage someone’s ability on who he is loaned to for several reasons. Mings dropped a division to be loaned to Villa from a Premiership team to get game time plus Tuanzebe.. Theres a history of many Man U youngsters for instance being loaned out to lower division teams to gain experience. Chelsea loan their young players all over the world again to gain experience. Whom they are loaned to isn’t a measure of their ability. I would also take issue with your rose tinted glasses comment. I think most on here are very realistic concerning the ability of Villa’s youth and I would argue that O’Hare had shown enough in the U23s to at least be given a chance in the 1st team. I would further argue that O’Hare was the only player available to Smith that could have slotted into Grealish’s role without having to disrupt the whole system. Furthermore I don’t know if results would have been better with O’Hare replacing Grealish? My point was though they probably wouldn’t have been any worse while also giving another young player the chance to shine and who knows O’Hare may have done just that?
  3. striker

    Dean Smith

    Much of what you say in this post (bolded) I agree with even though I’ve been one of the few to support Smith during the previous poor points return over 13 games. For me it was a very strange decision to send O’Hare out on loan when he was the obvious replacement for Grealish to allow Villa to play the same system and style of play while also giving a very promising young player the chance to shine. Certainly it would have been hard to see Villa earning even less points over the same period with O’Hare in the team but I guess the manager doesn’t have the benefit of hindsight as we do. Personally with Villa flying before the Grealish injury I feel it was a major mistake by Smith to change the system to accommodate the loss of Grealish which has the team playing, yet again, catch up to gain promotion but I hope he has learned from it?
  4. He won’t have any problem getting another club. Potentially a very good player. Just needs the right fitness programme and a bit of luck. Despite the consensus of opinion I feel this one might come back to bite Villa in the arse? Remember Mings also had a very poor injury record. That’s why Villa were able to sign him.
  5. Think this is a big mistake in letting him go.
  6. striker

    Dean Smith

    Levels of expectation will have risen ten fold again and thats when Villa normally fall flat on their face. Smith, Terry and coaches should be drumming it into the players not to be complacent!
  7. Defensively solid and a a threat going forward. Perfect combination.
  8. I'm ready to boot T A in the arse. So **** careless with possession. Thank **** he's been subbed.
  9. Tommy needs to do more for me in holding up the ball better and then laying it off to either McGinn or Grealish. Consequently second part of the first half Forrest started to win more of the second ball. Agree with the poster above questioning the attitude of the players when going ahead. Foot taken off the gas too many times and not clinical enough to go for the throat.
  10. That bar hit leveled up the pen shout.
  11. Roy of the Rovers stuff that. Just brilliant.
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