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  1. striker

    Martin O'Neill

    Cannot understand this appointment. Forest were playing pass and move attacking football while O'Neill likes to play on the break. Doomed to failure this which will be one less team Villa have to worry about.
  2. striker

    Dean Smith

    I think you’ve hit on one of the major problems for any new manager coming into the Villa. The expectation is that high that the manager feels he has to stick with the old guard to guarantee results. However as we’ve seen that approach has failed on so many levels. I thought Dean Smith was brought into Villa to change all that though and follow on what he was doing at Brentford? It just seems to me at the moment that the manager doesn’t know whether to stick or twist hence his own footballing philosophy being lost in Villa expectation.
  3. striker

    Dean Smith

    I actually thought that more of the the U23s would have been intergrated into the first team by DS so that’s been a major disappointment for me so far concerning Dean Smith’s short reign at the Villa.
  4. striker

    Dean Smith

    It’s a pity Villa player’s pay isn’t performance related. You’d see a difference then.
  5. I think there’s money to spend alright but it’s taking time to secure targets.
  6. striker

    Kortney Hause

    Bet your Hause on him that he'll do ok at the Villa.
  7. striker

    Match Thread: Villa v QPR

    Nearly as bad as under Bruce.
  8. striker

    Match Thread: Villa v QPR

    Yep more like it. Now go on to win it.
  9. striker

    Birkir Bjarnason

    Your probably right. Must have been horrid for Thor to have to face the players and manager after that. A real confidence buster when you’re trying to come back from injury. However mate it was a horrid miss but the player will know that and blame himself for the loss of 2 points. Would love to see him score in the next game.
  10. striker

    Birkir Bjarnason

    Been reading the last page on this thread and was just about to ask someone to post a link to the miss when I hit the back button. Even Nyland would have scored that. Horrible.
  11. striker

    Tommy Elphick

    Decent cover for the rest of the season but I hope that’s all he will be if Villa are to sign a badly needed domineering CB.
  12. Looks like Villa are doing a Wolves with hopefully the same result by the end of the season.
  13. striker

    Dean Smith

    Made this point in the match thread but probably should have stated it here. I’m a little concerned that DS hasn’t replaced Grealish with O’Hare over the last two games. O’Hare is the only comparable player Villa have in Grealish’s position so why not play him? Marcelo Bielsa trusted his younger players yesterday in an important game which paid off handsomely for him. I just hope DS isn’t letting the pressure of promoting Villa interfere with his footballing philosophy intergrating young players into a pass and move system?
  14. striker

    Ratings & Reactions: Villa v Leeds

    Agree with most of that until the last sentence of the last paragraph. I don’t think Villa will struggle over the next set of fixtures. Repeat the general performance level shown in the previous fixture list against the best teams in the Championship and Villa will go on a winning run which should see them close the the gap at the top. I have also been very disappointed that Smith has not started O’Hare over the last two games. As stated above he is the only player Villa have who is comparable in style of play to Grealish. Marcelo Bielsa wasn’t afraid to trust his younger players in a very important game yesterday and it paid off handsomely for him. I haven’t seen Revan play but by all accounts he is yet another young Villa player who’s improvement is rapid and maybe would have been a better choice than an out of position Bree? I just hope that DS isn’t letting the pressure of getting Villa promoted interfere with his footballing philosophy intergrating young players into a pass and move style?