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  1. I don’t think Luiz would be missed too much Tro. Had a poor season and if Villa could get decent money for him I’d be inclined to sell him while keeping McGinn and Marvellous who I feel contributed more to the team last season. Alternatively bring in another DM to replace Luiz like Sarr who is much more athletic and robust.
  2. Man United fan who is a friend of mine thinks Grealish is going to them. I told him not to be so silly as he will eventually go to a good team.
  3. Danilo number 13 Portugal is some player. Fantastic DM. MOTM for me.
  4. Nakamba is so underrated on here. Every time I’ve watched Villa with Marvellous in the side Villa have looked much better for it. Luiz is the DM I’d get rid of.
  5. We’ll have to agree to disagree on that one.
  6. Really don’t see what people see in Luiz. To me he’s a very limited player not particularly good at anything. Sell him and bring in Neves to replace him.
  7. Villa should be all over this as Neves is very talented.
  8. I’ve watched a lot of Villa’s games this season and haven’t seen much of that. Villa should go in for Neves at Wolves and sell Luiz if anyone wanted him.
  9. He also gives Villa’s midfield a lot more energy. Would have him in the team instead of Luiz every time as Luiz is a nothing player.
  10. Could be but I think Wolves might sell for the right offer. Great link man from defence to midfield and in my humble opinion much better than Luiz while possessing better technical ability than Marvellous although I rate Marvellous. Think Neves is only 24 so yet to reach his peak. It would take a bid in excess of 30m but worth it in my opinion.
  11. Just wonder would Neves be available at Wolves? Good player.
  12. Toney looks some player. Could Villa go there again instead of Tammy?
  13. Villa need at least three quality signings to improve on this season with a striker, playmaker and a DM a must although been very impressed with Marvellous who may be even better next season. FB is also an issue so Guilbert may be kept as cover.
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