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  1. As most have stated good first half but couldn’t handle a better press from Wolves in the 2nd. Could have won and lost the game so a point I feel was a fair result. Money spent in the summer will bring better forward players to Villa which are badly needed plus better cover at FB. Impressed by Sanson and Villa’s performance level dropped significantly when he had to go off injured. One which will definitely be a player next season.
  2. Thought Villa outplayed Portugal at their own game in the 1st half. Just needed more luck with the second ball in the box. McGinn’s best half of football for some time and I like the look of Sanson. Watkins also much better. Word of warning though. Seen Portugal soaking up pressure in the 1st half so many times this season only to hit teams late in the 2nd half with a sucker punch.
  3. Lazy, lazy performance by Villa which demonstrated the need in the summer for at least 4 better quality players and I include a replacement for Watkins in that. He isn’t a striker. He would be better as a winger but I still don’t feel he has the quality to succeed there either. Elmo is finished at this level and will rightly be given his marching orders in the summer along with one or two more. Villa also have a real issue in midfield where there is willing runners but no one with the quality needed to break teams down. McGinn since his last injury hasn’t been half the play
  4. Like the look of Fulham’s Maja. If they go down maybe Villa could nab him on loan with a view to buy?
  5. Glad to be proven wrong. Very solid tactical performance.
  6. Decent 1st half but became less of a threat. Watkins needs to hold the ball up better while Villa need to stop hoofing it from the back and play through midfield more. Villa just giving possession back to Leeds. Sooner or later they’re gonna score. Traore has been a defensive liability and that’s where Leeds main threat is coming from. Might be better to have Trez there for 2nd half
  7. Villa need to step it up. Starting to drop off Leeds which is not the way they started.
  8. Smith has learned from previous games. Pressing Leeds much better.
  9. Been calling for changes in Villa’s midfield for a few games now so there will be more energy in there which they’ll need against Leeds. Still don’t see how McGinn gets a game on recent performances but it was a toss of a coin who was dropped between him and Luiz as both have been poor. Obviously Sanson still isn’t ready to play a full game in the Premiership or McGinn would have been benched too. Still feel Leeds will win but happy to be proven wrongly.
  10. Can’t see anything other than a heavy defeat tonight for the Villa. Leeds are just too good at the moment and will run Villa’s midfield ragged unless Smith benches both McGinn and Barkley.
  11. McGinn a good game?? Are you blind man??Been awful for a while now and no better today. Needs benched along with Barkley who was crap again. Next game against Leeds I’d play Sanson and Ramsey who had more energy in their little fingers than McGinn or Barkley. First half Villa were awful. Second half better without worrying the keeper too much but the better team won.
  12. striker

    Ezri Konsa

    Konsa to Liverpool ain’t gonna happen. At best he’d be third choice next season when their injuries clear up. Spurs is more likely but Levy would only offer players plus cash deal which Smith would laugh at. Konsa is first choice at Villa with the team improving so he’ll sign another contract.
  13. As poor in the second as they were in the first. After that performance Smith needs to freshen it up for the next game. McGinn needs to be rested as he’s been poor for some time now and Barkley still doesn’t look fit to me or he’s not interested? Villa got away with it tonight as Brighton were as toothless as Villa upfront. Without doubt Villa’s worst performance of the season but they got a point which was the only positive!
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