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  1. All on Smith that. Took 3 best players off thinking game was won. Result will be noted upstairs.
  2. Great result & performance for the Villa. In his post match interview Solskjaer looked as though someone had chopped his todger off.
  3. Great first half but Mings was absolutely awful. At fault for second and third goals plus passing terrible. Far too easily turned against class forwards! Not a captain’s performance.
  4. Villa excellent in first half and more than a little unlucky to go in one down. Love Watkins on the left. Been saying for some time now it’s his best position.
  5. Midfield to be strengthened with better quality and at fullback too.
  6. What absolute nonsense!! I neither said or implied that. Brighton have never stated they wouldn’t be prepared to sell if offered the right price especially when Bissouma’s contract is running down! It really does surprise me that some Villa fans on here have had their ambitions driven out of them by years of mediocrity and are prepared to continually accept false promises by every owner of AVFC since 96 of pots of gold at the end of a never ending rainbow because they’ve actually become used to it. Villa have new affluent owners. Credit must be given to those owners for investing heavily in the squad but when you sell your best player for 100m and are probably only two signings away from making Villa into a real force you push on as quickly as you can when the means are available to do that rather than putting the breaks on.
  7. Again I would make the point that the teams you’ve mentioned have far superior squads than Villa which compensate for the flaws you mention. Secondly, they have a recent history of competing for or winning trophies.backed by wealthy owners who would be targeting higher profile players than Villa such as Ronaldo for instance. Conversely Villa wouldn’t be able to attract such players, yet would be able to attract better midfielders than they currently have at the moment such as Bissouma whom I note you’ve excluded from your reply and preferred to concentrate on untried french players mentioned on VT. Furthermore, you use the excuse that possible Villa targets may not have been available? Offering 25m-30m in the current climate for Southampton’s best player Prowse or indeed Arsenal’s best young player Smith Rowe was always going to receive a short shifted no. Did Lange or the Villa owners actually think they were going to get those players on the cheap when Villa had sold their best player for 100m? Could Villa have gotten one or indeed both players if they had offered what their clubs wanted? Could they have gotten Bissouma if they again had made a going rate offer for him? If you want to compete for European places in the Premiership by shopping for other Premiership club’s best players then you need to show ambition by paying the going rate rather than making unrealistic offers which were not going to be accepted. Finally with respect. All I’ve heard coming out of Villa with every change of manager or owner since God knows when ‘we have long term ambition.’ When does that long term vision come to fruition when Villa haven’t won anything of note since 1996?
  8. Emmm but Manchester City and Man U despite in your words do win trophies and qualify for Europe seasonally because those flaws do not hurt their teams as much as say Villa who continually fail to retain position in midfield exposing the back four. This was also a constant flaw in previous seasons so why not address that now when you sell your best player for 100m and have wealthy owners who are apparently very ambitious? I think where the frustration is coming from is that midfielders were available to fix that flaw now rather than waiting another season when those midfielders could go elsewhere or the teams Villa are trying to catch improve again.
  9. Yeah I understand what you’re saying. This isn’t a dig against you or Villa fans as Villa have become my number one club to support but for quite a while now all I’ve heard or seen is that Villa are a club in transition, 5 year plans and it will take time to bring the youth through. When are Villa actually going to build a team to win something or challenge for Europe again? The club have now got owners with deep pockets so why not utilise that in the now rather than the future when with a bit more quality Villa could push on. Furthermore, what if those young players don’t cut it? Villa will continue to be seen as sleeping giants who in Roy Keane’s words ‘don’t win anything.’
  10. It’s stagnating if placement isn’t improved upon but only time will tell.
  11. Villa were trying to buy two mids one from Arsenal and the other from Southampton this window. Clearly Smith wanted one if not two so rather that use kids to plug the gap he wanted the finished article in midfield. I agree nevertheless concerning your point on producing your own players. Villa have just sold one for 100m but there are a lot of games in the Premiership season plus cup games for those young players to be given time without being under pressure to perform to a high standard immediately. I just feel that Villa may have missed a opportunity to make more rapid progress than possibly stagnating this season.
  12. I actually think Villa were two signings away (midfielders) from challenging for Europe this season. Would it not have been worth it to invest heavily now and bed those two new midfielders in over the course of the season than wait until January or next season? By not investing now you are running the risk of losing out to the top four when those players (Kamara) are out of contract or in the case of Bissouma only one year left on his contract next season. I honestly feel Villa although signing some very good players this window to replace Grealish still have not addressed their major weakness in midfield. You have numbers there but those aforementioned signings above would have improved Villa’s midfield dramatically while also allowing the younger players coming through more time to bed in. Furthermore, in my humble opinion, by letting Guilbert go on loan, fullback positions have also been weakened. Yes you have Young, but are Villa really going to rely on a 36 year old throughout a season for cover especially when Target’s lack of pace was shown again against Watford and Cash’s performances haven’t been exactly great at the start of this season. I also don’t think anyone wants to see CBs playing at FB anymore. I was one of those ardent critics when Grealish left. But who can blame him now for leaving when Villa still have two major weaknesses in their team unaddressed after having net expenditure in the transfer window? Maybe Terry left for the same reason knowing the owner’s ambitions would yet again fall short of what was promised?
  13. Could be in the bottom four after next set of fixtures as major weaknesses have not been strengthened. This is a mistake by the Villa and Smith may pay for it with his job by Christmas?
  14. Ah my bad. Always thought he was an attacking wing back.
  15. Leicester in talks to sign Lookman. Given Villa’s lack of specialised fullbacks maybe it’s a deal Villa should have been interested in?
  16. Watched him closely against Barrow. Made two awful passes which went to the opposition but other than that he was decent. However, he looked far from happy which is understandable when you know your manager doesn’t rate you. It could well be that he and the manager are having difficulties and if this is so, then he should go elsewhere but not before being replaced as Villa’s squad is already looking short in a few positions.
  17. Nonsense. Solskjaer has given Van De Beek several chances to shine and has failed on every occasion. He has simply been a duff signing and it’s telling that there’s been no links to other clubs. Its not the first time Dutch players have come up short in the Premiership and it won’t be the last.
  18. The reason he’s not getting any game time at Man U he’s crap.
  19. Did he? You listen too much to the media. Man U have already spent quite a bit so I’d very much doubt they would splash out another 50m on Bissouma but we’ll see on that one.
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